The Growth of Betting Apps in India

Betting apps have become more popular thanks to the stable rise of online gambling. They are very popular across the world, especially in India. This is a place where the online gambling market is saturated.

 It means the betting apps have an audience to thrive on while boosting online gambling generally. A good example is Casino Days, a new operator based in Malta. Read the most detailed casino days review here to learn more about how it works.

An Overview of Mobile Betting

The apps not only have sports betting options in them but virtual casino games. This is in a bid to keep improving the services offered by the apps thanks to the reception they get. It is also because the owners of the betting apps are not just sports betting companies.

Online casinos have also doubled down on betting apps because they are more inclusive. Of late, research has proven that most people in India prefer mobile betting.

On top of that, Indians prefer betting apps over browsers on mobile phones. This has helped the betting apps grow more, but at the same time, the apps give you an alternative.

This growth had to originate from somewhere, and here are some of the factors that led to it:

1. Quick access

Time is always of the essence in betting. This can be a problem when using computers or browsers in general. You can easily miss out on a timed promotion or event. It may be because the browser takes too long to load.

It could also be because your computer took too long to open. Inconveniences like this are rare when using betting apps. Since the apps are on smartphones, they are always there with you.

Everybody always has their smartphone on them, but the same cannot be said for laptops or computers. This means with the apps you can always access the betting events at any time, including all promotions.

2. Convenience

Quick access is just one of the many conveniences of betting apps that can be looked at expansively. Smartphones are the most owned electronic devices in India, and internet connection is fairly distributed.

These are the two things needed to have a betting app on your phone. Offers and promotions are harder to miss when you have a betting app. Some of the offers or promotions are exclusive to the apps too.

You can also place bets anywhere and at any time, even when handling something else. These types of conveniences appeal to everyone hence popularizing the betting apps and facilitating their growth.

3. Live betting

In past years, before apps got upgrades, live bets were limited to PCs or websites in general. Given how much punters love live betting, this was a major setback for betting apps.

However, that has changed over the years as live betting is now available in betting apps. The adrenaline rush of placing a bet live and watching it happen can now be experienced with phones.

Some betting apps have the option of watching the match as it goes on. If not, there is a live tracker of the game that shows the unfolding of events. They use animated graphics and dots to represent the players.

If it is a soccer match, 11 dots of different colors will be used to represent the two teams. The introduction of live betting to betting apps boosted the apps to a whole new level in every way possible. This ranges from numbers to interactions.

4. Fast transactions

Thanks to technology, banking at betting apps has increased tremendously. You can withdraw and deposit into the app within seconds with a few taps.

Apps also have some options that aren’t necessarily offered on betting sites, for instance, cash-outs. On betting sites, once you place a bet, you will have to wait to know whether or not you won.   

In apps, however, if you feel that one match may cost you the bet, there is an option of cashing out. The winnings will be less than the expected ones, but you won’t lose everything.

5. Easy downloads

For the betting apps to grow in India, people had to download them. The majority of the Indian population online are youth, meaning they are aware of online gambling.

Smartphones are vastly available, and internet connection is fairly distributed throughout the country. This creates the most conducive environment for betting apps to grow.

The betting apps also require less phone memory, meaning they are easily downloadable. They don’t require special permissions or specific phones. The proof is always online because most of the reviews are always positive.

6. Better features and functionality

Betting apps may be getting popular by the day, but they are not something new. They have been around for a bit longer than most people think. However, it is the changes that have made it impossible to recognize the previous versions.  

Many things are better now, thanks to constantly evolving technology. The Indian betting apps have got a new kick of functionality that make them irresistible. The most obvious one is convenience, but there are others.

One very important one is biometric configuration. This involves the use of features like fingerprints to log in.

Any minor updates are always first received in the apps, giving you an advantage. There is also online consultation, user-friendly interfaces, and filtered searches.

7. Safety

As you have seen above, Indian apps have biometric configurations. This is a big upgrade from the normal passwords used in browsers. In comparison, apps are safer by far compared to browsers.

The first thing you won’t have to worry about is the legitimacy of your betting company. When on browsers, you can easily be led to a fake betting site that isn’t licensed or regulated.

However, with apps, you are sure they belong to a specific company with a good reputation. The online reviews of a betting app can also tell you if the app is real or not.


Smartphones and accessible internet connections have played a big part in the growth of betting apps in India. Similarly, minor and significant details alongside good promotions have all played their part, and the growth is expected to continue.

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