Three Types of Mobile Casino Games Changing the Industry

If you’ve never played in a mobile casino, you might wonder what kind of games you can play on your smartphone now. While you probably won’t be surprised to find classic slots and virtual card tables, three kinds of gambling games have emerged that are now driving the industry in unexpected new directions.

Themed Slots with Interesting Features

Slot games have been around for more than a century but the switch to playing online since the start of this century created a new way of playing that has transformed the genre. Rather than simple games based on fruit and bells, with limited features, slots have become hugely varied. This means you can now choose from a big selection of themed slots with features that add to the gameplay.

We can see a good example of how this has changed the way we play by looking at the Temple Tumble slot game by Relax Gaming. It’s built around an Aztec theme and has paying symbols including precious gems and an adventurer. Features like free spins and cascading reels mean that the gameplay is entertaining while taking players deeper into the Aztec setting with each spin.

Fast and Simple Crash Games

The introduction of a new style of instant casino games has led to another major change in the way we gamble. Crash games are ideal for mobile devices because of their simplicity and fast-paced action. Players just need to place their bet and then watch as a craft or other object moves across the screen.

The key to success lies in working out when to cash out the bet. This can be seen in the likes of the Big Bass Crash game, which is part of the successful Big Bass slots series by Pragmatic Play, which captures the current trend for fishing explained here by Reel Coquina. A fisherman sails across the screen in his boat and casts a net to gather fish. You win the multiplier amount on the screen when you cash out but lose your bet if you don’t cash out before the net breaks. 

Games Shows with Live Presenters and Bonus Rounds

While the previous examples are games that look simple on a mobile screen, you might be more surprised to see live game shows streamlined on your device. These live games feature a human presenter who explains the rules, calls out the results, and entertains the players between games.

Crazy Time Live by Evolution is a wheel-based game where the presenter stands to the side of a giant wheel that’s divided into various segments and starts to spin it. Depending on where it lands, you could win a cash prize or enter one of the bonus rounds to play a mini-game. The bonus games include the Coin Flip round, which Evolution has spun out into a new game.

These relatively new ways of playing allow us to get a variety of casino experiences directly onto our mobile devices. As the market continues to expand, we can expect to see more ways of gambling introduced and add even more flexibility.      

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