Turing Phones will be launched with Sailfish O.S instead of Android

Turing Phones are known for its durability, and sustainability. The Turing Phone is built from a single unit of Liquidmorphium which is tougher than either titanium or steel which prevents it from getting physically damaged. Recently, the Turing Robotics industries has announced that they have ditched Google’s Android Operating System  for Jolla’s Sailfish Operating System. They have confirmed this via an Email to their fans saying this phone will be launched in April 2016 with Sailfish Operating System.

Sailfish Operating System is a Linux-based general purpose operating system which is also known as Mobile Operating System. This phone hasn’t hit the market yet, however pre-ordering was scheduled in September last year, currently it is not available for pre-order but you can sign-up for notifications. The Turing phone was announced in 2015, but its launch was delayed back in December.

The company has rather confirmed whatever the situation with the Operating System, it would run android application, And it is fairly possible as well because Sailfish OS can run Android™ applications as it is based on open source Android libraries.

It has a super-secured platform environment, which Android lacks, and it does not use Java for UI (Android). So Turing targets design-savvy users and those who care about their privacy, said Steve Chao, CEO of TRI.

The sailfish operating system runs fast on turing phones and you won’t have to face any performance issues with Turing’s Snapdragon 801.

Preorder pricing ranges from US$610 for the 16-GB version to $870 for the 128-GB model.

 The Sailfish OS is an evolved continuation of the Linux MeeGo OS previously developed by an alliance of Nokia and Intel. MeeGo mobile software platform was created through the merging of Moblin and the Maemo OS originally developed by Nokia.TRI will also be hosting its first Turing Developers Conference (TDC) during Q2 2016.

TRI decided to use Sailfish OS because it has a long-term plan to build a trustworthy communications network. Sailfish is based on a pure mobile Linux platform with unmatched speed and with great performance, Chao said.

This essentially means you have one of the world’s fastest mobile device running the fastest mobile OS with the capability of running your favorite apps in a secure environment.

For any further information related to this phone, you can also visit their official website by clicking here.

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