How to unlock bootloader of Micromax Yureka

Recently, site got crashed because of this handset on it’s very first sale. Only 10,000 sets were on the sale and more 40,000 would be on next sale which is to be held on 22 January 2015.

The very first step go ahead to customize the Micromax Yureka or any other device, is to unlock its bootloader, as after it would be able to install custom recovery and custom Rom as well.

IF you are looking to unlock the bootloader of Yureka smartphone, then guide will definitely help you. However, just like Motorola’s devices, the handset doesn’t comes with official bootloader unlock tool but isn’t that hard as well.

Here is a very easy guide to unlock bootloader of YU Yureka, just using one Fastboot command, you can do it. Before proceeding further, make sure to read all recommendation mentioned below.

  • Please know that unlocking bootloader will void the warranty of this handset. However, you can revert it back any time to get all the after sale services.
  • Make sure to install proper drivers of your device on your PC or Laptop, whatever you’ve, otherwise it won’t be deducted properly.
  • Make sure to enable the USB Debugging on your mobile, go to > settings -> developer options”, then check the USB debugging box to enable it.
  • Charge your phone to good extent.


  • Download the bootloader unlock kit zip file from here ( and extract it to your PC, anywhere you want.

How to unlock bootloader of Micromax Yureka

  1. Turn off your device.
  2. Connect your device to your PC through USB cable, you’ll see that the LED light near by the speakers will glow red.
  3. As soon as LED keeps glow, press the Volume Up button and you’ll be taken to fastboot screen.
  4. Open the Extracted folder Fastboot, and double-click on “Run Me” file to start the command prompt.
  5. Open the Fastboot and type:  “fastboot -i 0x1ebf oem unlock”
  6. Wait until, the process get ends.

Everything is done. We have just unlocked the bootloader of newly launched Micromax Yureka. Now have fun with it, you can root it, install custom recovery on it and have custom Rom on it as well. Isn’t that easy! For sure, we’ll bring more easy how to’s for Yureka by the time.

In the meantime, if you like our post, please share it with your friends.If you face any problem at any step, please let us now and we’ll be very glad to help you out. We are here to make things easier.

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