Into the Future – Upcoming Gadget Launches in 2016

‘Future’, the word itself is enough to make someone curious…at least I am. In 2016, number of announcements have already been made and as the time passes, there’s gonna be more.

At the annual CES ‘Consumer Electronic Show‘, which is an internationally renowned electronic and technology trade show, took place in Las Vegas on January 6, 2016 and will be continued till January 9, 2016, renowned international companies introduces and shows previews of their product.

In this year’s show, the focus was on Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, robotics, home security, and many more. Quiet intriguing!

Shall we take a sneak peek on this event. Few glimpses from this event which I liked the most are as follows:

  • Smart security cams: Netatmo has announced a combination of floodlight and smart cam. This smart cam is able to distinguish between a person, animal and a vehicle. It also can differentiate between a passing vehicle and a vehicle entering into the house. Smart it is!
  • Rollable TVs: LG has introduced a prototype of rollable, flexible TVs, which you can fold and take wherever you want. LG was able to build the bodacious bendy displays by using a polymer as the backplane of the panel instead of conventional plastic. The polymer both increased the flexibility of the OLED panel and reduced its thickness
  • OLED laptops: Lenovo introduced two laptops on Day 2 of this show – Lenovo Thinkpad X1 yoga and Lenovo Link 32 GB. Being a thinkpad, there’s a ton of customization options, but you are gonna get a Intel 6th gen core I7 VPRO processor, 16 GB memory and 1 TR MVME SSD which is seriously insane! It will have a 14″ WQHD touch and you can decide if you wanna go with OLED or not, With OLED, it will cost you more..obviously! OLEDs have a great picture quality – brilliant colors, fast response rate and a wide viewing angle.
  • HTC’s room sensing camera: ‘Virtual Reality’ is quite a buzzing topic…and HTC has introduced VIVE Headset based on virtual reality. Virtual Reality is a simulated 3 dimensional environment and it can generated with an electronic equipment containing sensors. It can show a green outline of the room and objects within it at the press of a button, and the “Chaperon” feature will highlight obstructions, such as walls and furniture, in blue whenever a wearer wanders too close to something.
  • Pilotless drones: A prototype of Drone has been designed to transport humans. Its called EHANG 184 and it is designed by a Chinese firm. There are no steering controls and has been for carrying single person. The passenger will need to select the destination at the time boarding. However many more companies are going to introduce their drones as well.

These are just few of them..there are lots of new technologies and electronic products which are about get released this year, and we hope that they all are fascinating!!

Stay connected with us for more information about these upcoming gadgets and news!

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