16 Virtual Gifts You Can Give Out To Your Friends

Sometimes, unexpected circumstances hinder you from celebrating important occasions with your friends. But who says you can’t celebrate significant events if you’re not with them physically? Don’t let distance prevent you from celebrating awesome moments with friends.

One way to celebrate with your friends remotely on special occasions is to send them virtual gifts. Fortunately, there are ways to send nice gifts digitally or virtually nowadays. If you’re looking for virtual gifts, here are just some ideas to give you some inspiration.

1. Gift Cards

Electronic gift cards, also known as e-Gifts, are a popular option for people when you think about virtual gifts. In today’s digital age, almost all stores that have online platforms allow people to buy e-Gifts from them. You can even buy Visa gift cards with crypto here at https://www.jour-cards.com/buy-vanilla-visa-gift-cards-with-bitcoins if you’re unsure what they might be interested in.

E-Gifts are electronically generated gift certificates that bear a certain amount. When you give this to a friend, he’ll be able to choose and buy whatever he likes from the store.

Another advantage of gift cards is that they don’t only apply to clothes or anything you find in the department store. You can also give gift cards to your friends to use in gaming. An example is Xbox gift cards. If you’re on a budget, there are ways online on how you can get free Xbox gift cards.

2. Online Courses

For friends who love learning about new things, you can give them access to online courses as a virtual gift. A gift like this will help them widen their knowledge and perspective especially that there’s already an online course for anything under the sun these days. You can easily find a course that will pique your friends’ interests. From topics such as photography or acting, you can surely find something that fits their interests.

Right now, online courses are usually being taught by experts or even professors from prominent universities. Examples of platforms where you can enroll in online classes are MasterClass and Coursera, to name a few. After taking an online course, your friend may also receive a certificate for it, which can help improve his credentials.

3. Online Letter

Before the Internet was invented, people would usually write letters to each other on longhand and send it over mail containing birthday greetings and such. For friends who are more sentimental and have words as a love language, you can send a letter online to them. This can be very meaningful to them. Write about fun experiences with them and how you cherish your friendship.

4. Studio Memberships

For friends who love working out and exercising, they’d be thrilled to get studio and gym memberships as virtual gifts. There are many studios that offer gift certificates or memberships as gifts to friends and family. Just make sure that you choose the right studio or gym for your friend. You can also look for a personal trainer that utilizes personal training software to make your to streamline your friend’s fitness journey.

Some of the details that you might want to consider is location, facilities, reputation, interest, and your friend’s skill level. There are different types of workouts and studios, so make sure to choose the one that suits your friend. It could be boxing, yoga, Pilates, spinning, barre, or a normal gym membership.

16 Virtual Gifts You Can Give Out To Your Friends

5. Host Online Birthday Workout Classes

If you can’t be present physically as a group and your friend loves working out, then you can host an online birthday workout class for your friend as a gift. This is a great way for your friend to work out with family and others even if they’re in another country or region.

6. Magazine Subscriptions

With news and articles everywhere, it’s still nice to have something that you can touch and read. With that thought, you can give a magazine subscription to your friend as a gift. Once you sign them up to a magazine subscription, your friend will start receiving magazines monthly in their mail.

Make sure that you choose a magazine publisher that writes about things related to their interests. For instance, if your friend is interested in fashion, then you can subscribe her to a fashion magazine. On the other hand, if your friend is into interiors and architecture, then you can subscribe your friend to a magazine that talks a lot about home design.

7. Home Massage

With work and everything else about life, different levels of stress can’t be helped. Increasing stress levels can also cause body pains. With that, you can book a home massage for your friend as a virtual gift. After booking, a masseuse will visit your friend to give him a massage. This is a very thoughtful way of letting your friend relax, rest, and get rid of those knots caused by stress.

8. Food Delivery

If you can’t have a meal with your pal, you can order food for him online and have it delivered at his doorstep. There are many online platforms that allow you to make orders and deliver to someone else. You just need to get into them, key in your orders, transfer payment, and the food will be delivered to your friend.

9. Audiobooks

There are people who prefer listening to a book rather than reading them on a device or the actual one. You have the option to order an audiobook online and give it as a gift to your friend. At the same time, if you’re feeling more generous, you can order a monthly subscription service for your friend to an audiobook platform. By doing this, your friend will have flexibility to choose which books he wants to listen to

10. Streaming Subscription

With so much streaming platforms popping up online, your friend might still not have subscriptions to one of them. So, a perfect virtual gift would be to sign up your friends to a free subscription to a streaming platform that they like. For instance, you can sign them up to Netflix or Apple TV, among others.

11. Celebrity Shout Outs

If your friend avidly follows celebrities, then the perfect virtual gift would be a video greeting or a shout out from her favorite celebrities. Get her favorite celebrity to do a short and personalized video shout out for her. This video is also something that they can post online for other friends to see. If you know someone in Hollywood, then it’ll be easier for you to request a celebrity shout out for your friend.

12. Support Your Friend’s Cause

Another virtual gift you can give to your friends is to support a cause that they advocate. By doing this, you’ll show some support for them and also help out a bunch of people. For instance, if a friend of yours is an advocate of women’s rights, you can support a women’s right movement group. Or, if your friend is a front liner in the medical field, you can support nurses and doctors by donating some protective gear or medicine.

13. Online Movie Or Viewing Party

Instead of treating your friend in the cinema, you can simply host an online video streaming party as a virtual gift. Pick movies that she loves and start watching them together online while you’re on a video call. It’s much like watching in the cinema except you’re just not physically together.

14. Create A Video Message

Video messages are a meaningful gift for your loved ones. These videos can contain heartfelt messages from people significant to your friends. You can also talk about the memorable or fun times you had with them.

You can sprinkle some creativity to your video message. Instead of just writing messages, you can do dance and music videos you’ve created on your own. You can even throw in a skit or an act for the video message.

Along with your own message, you can ask for inputs from people closest to your friend as well. This is also a good idea since it’s something that the recipient can look back on if they’re feeling down. Your heartfelt messages will surely uplift their spirits on a rainy day.

15. Plan A Surprise Virtual Birthday Party

Instead of planning a surprise party at a restaurant, you can host a virtual surprise birthday party for your friend. You can do this by scheduling a video call with your mutual friends. You can then secretly tell you friend that it’ll be an exclusive call between the two of you. Furthermore, you can host online games and have food delivered to each of the virtual party attendees.

16. Virtual Shopping Spree

Shopping is almost everyone’s dream. You can also take your friend out on a virtual shopping spree. Go on a video call with your friend while she shops, then give a budget that you’re willing to pay for. Your friend can shop for all the things she wants within your budget while enjoying a much-awaited talk with her through a video call.


Virtual gifts are truly lifesavers. No matter the event, you can still find virtual gifts to send online. As you can see, you have many options to choose from, and the ones listed above are just a few of virtual gift ideas. Celebrating with your friends on their important milestones can be made more meaningful through virtual gifts.

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