What’s wrong with the iPad mini 6

When Apple brings new products to our attention, we always plan to have a wow effect. This is often the case. Even if a product seems awkward, uncomfortable and totally unpromising at the presentation, things usually turn out to be different in reality. This was the case, for example, with the new iPhone with its flat edges. However, when I used the new iPad mini 6, I had a completely different experience. Initially, I thought the device was so cool that I seriously considered switching, but I can’t say that now.

When I bought my first iPad Air 2020 tablet, I was in doubt for a long time. Do I need a tablet at all? Why am I buying it? – These questions were in my throat every day before I bought it. But after a couple of months of use, I realised that I made the right decision. The iPad is worth it, that’s a fact.

Even if you do not draw or create content, the tablet from Apple will definitely find its use. Before you know it, you’ll get used to it. You’ll use your laptop less often, and many tasks will migrate from your iPhone. So, buying a tablet is definitely worth it.

What’s new in iPad mini 6

The iPad mini at the launch on September 14 immediately struck me as a smaller version of my Air. This seems extremely convenient because the dimensions of the Air tablet are quite serious. It is not very comfortable to hold because of its large size. Even lying on the bed I usually put it on a stand.

What's new in iPad mini 6

With the new mini, things are even more complicated. Due to the smaller weight and size of the body, it just falls over when you put it on your lap. Well, that is, it doesn’t have enough gravity to stand firmly on an uneven surface. That said, it’s more than enough to always hold it in your hands. It’s heavy.

I would also like to mention the frames, they are too big. That they have been reduced compared to the 5 version is obvious. But before with the button on the front, it looked very much so. We’re simply used to it. That’s what iPhones have been like for years. The first iPad was like that too. Now, however, the new Minic looks more like some kind of Galaxy Tab.

This is exactly the problem I mentioned at the very beginning. On paper, it looks beautiful, but when you pick it up, the effect is quite different. If you are planning to order a tablet online, please, friends, look at the Mini in person first. Then you’ll thank yourself.

Is it comfortable to use the Apple Pencil on the iPad mini?

The mini 6 also has support for the 2nd generation Apple Pencil. Again, it looks bombastic, but in reality, so-so. Whereas I can attach the Pencil and walk around with my Air in my hands with no problem at all, here the Pencil becomes a big problem, as it takes up literally the entire area of the side edge. Now you can’t pick up the iPad from this side – it’s uncomfortable. And if you grasp from the other side, it’s just scary. To carry the tablet with the pencil downwards is extremely insecure.

By the way, all the buttons have moved for the same reason. They are now at the top. That’s it. There’s not even much to add. Rarely you will find on the market a device with all the buttons on the top side. Anyway, you will have to get used to it for a long time. And, interestingly enough, the power button is not on the right side as it used to be, but on the left. A very strange decision.

Why Lightning is better than Type-C

In the new iPad, the port has changed. Lightning is replaced by the new USB-C. This increased wire transfer speeds by a factor of 10 and seriously expanded the range of supported add-ons. This is where I got completely confused. It used to seem like the new port was only for Pro models. When the new Air 2020 came out, I thought that was Apple’s way of saying that the Air was close to the Pro in terms of performance. Now it’s all become very unclear.

Why Lightning is better than Type-C

After using Type-C for a while, I drew several conclusions:

First, forget about wired headphones. You’ll have to buy a separate adapter for that. The old iPhone headset that came with it won’t work here. Even though I have AirPods, sometimes there is some trouble with them. In that case, just put up with watching YouTube through the standard speakers, they’re really not bad here.

The second is that you’ll always have to carry a bunch of chargers. I love Apple for its mobility. Basically, to get around I just need a small kit like this. Wherever I am, I have work, study and everything else in my suitcase with these things. But the chargers are a disaster. I usually take my tablet with me in case the Mac stays at home. And if the iPad had Lightning, you could just have one charger for both the phone and the tablet. Now, you always have to carry a separate adapter.

I also didn’t like the lack of 2G support in the mobile version of the new mini. When you go out of town, the internet doesn’t shine with its speed. Now, if you can’t find a 3rd and 4th generation network, you won’t be able to connect. Considering that some people use the iPad as their primary device and buy themselves a 2k ringtone, it’s quite sad.

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