Introduction of 10G-T SFP+ Transceiver modules 2022

10G copper SFP+ transceivers are 10GBASE-T standard-based products, cost-effective solutions for 10G Ethernet and 10G FC applications. 10GBASE-T SFP+ copper transceiver is mainly used in Cat 6a or Cat 7 copper cabling system, supports 1G/2.5G/5G/10Gbps transmission, and the maximum transmission distance can reach 30m at 10G rate.

In addition, the 10GBASE-T copper SFP+ transceiver can save at least 0.5W of power consumption compared with the SFP+DAC cable, and its ports can support both STP (shielded twisted pair) and UTP (unshielded twisted pair). As a result, 10GBASE-T SFP+ copper transceivers are gaining popularity in data centers due to their lower power consumption and heat generation, as well as the flexibility to match cables as needed.

Features of 10GBASE-T SFP+ RJ45 Copper Transceivers

Auto-negotiation backward compatibility with the previous generation NBASE-T networks for seamless migration to 1.25G/2.5G/5G/10G. 10GBASE-T connections can auto-negotiate and automatically select the correct port speed when plugged into a 1GbE port. Besides, it can be used with different types of RJ45 network cables, such as Category 6 and Category 6A (Cat 6 and Cat 6A) or Category 7.

This eliminates the need to replace the existing Cat6 copper cabling system when the computer room is upgraded to 10Gb. The power consumption of 10G SFP+ RJ45 is extremely low, generally lower than 2.5w. Fibre Channel over Ethernet is supported. In addition to that, 10GBASE-T has more than three times lower latency than 1000BASE-T, which is exciting.

Introduction of 10G-T SFP+ Transceiver modules 2022

SFP+ 10G RJ45 and 10G SFP+ DAC

Direct Attach Cables (DACs) have always been a common part of data centers. Operating at 10Gb/s data rates, they are fixed-length Twinax cables with integrated SFP+ connectors on both ends. The Passive version can be used for connections up to 7m, while the active version can be used for connections up to 15m. DAC is a low-power, low-latency connection, but DAC is an expensive connection solution, and at 15m length, its price is several times that of SFP+ 10GBASE-T. The cost of 10GBASE-T SFP+ is decreasing every year, but the situation in 2022 is more complicated, and the raw materials required for the production of optical modules have all risen, which makes the 10g copper module more cost-effective.

Application of 10GBASE-T SFP+

10GBASE-T SFP+ is typically used in wiring closets containing switches and patch panels that provide connectivity to a large number of desktop computers within 100m. SFP+ modules are commonly used in campus LANs to connect multiple buildings together, often over longer distances, and the network cables are also capable of outdoor use. This is different from a DAC.


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