Aiwear M2S Bluetooth Smart Watch Review – Affordable Heart Rate Monitor Wristband

Aiwear M2S Bluetooth Smart Watch In this review, we have another very affordable fitness tracker ‘Aiwear M2S Bluetooth Smart Watch’, that monitors heart rate, sleeps and helps to maintain health very effectively. These days, whether you work at a college as a lecturer or working in a MNC, maintaining a good health remains quite tough. That is where these smart watches are popping up and bringing a top support to be healthy by keeping track of our heart rate and other important aspects.

Compared to other smartwatches, the Aiwear M2S Bluetooth Smart Watch is very affordable and offers a good number of reliable features. It is a good cheap alternative, can monitor our important aspects such as heart rate, it measures your walks, you could see that distance that you’ve walked wearing this beautiful watch, it also measures the consumption of calories so you could create a suitable diet chart for yourself and it monitors your sleeps as well. If you’re a person who cares about self then probably would such health trackers and Aiwear M2S Bluetooth Smart Watch is surely a good to go with.

count heart rate

It keeps counting your heart beats, and measures at which rate it is beating so you could balance your moves and actions. It supports dynamic and static heart rate monitoring, let you know about your heart rate during sports and walks.

It connects your Android iOS and Devices having Bluetooth 4.0, from the app store, you’ll need to download their specific application and then you would be able to use that watch along with your smartphone.


design of smart watchIn terms of design and construction, according to the manufacture that the design of this watch is based on a very famous Chinese concept of Yin and Yang. If you’re looking for  best watch straps, that this is one of them.

It has been beautifully designed, instead of making it proper watch like Samsung’s Gear or Moto 360, Aiwear M2S has a bracelet like design, quite slim, easy and very comforting, the front panel is made up of very slick plastic and the band is made up of high quality Silicone material. It has tacky shape that comes very handy while taking walks, running and doing exercises.

Aiwear M2S does not only offers such tracker facilities, but also be aesthetically appealing to all kinds of users, especially to our youth genre.

Pros and Cons

Now let’s talk about the pros and cons of this watch,


  • Well, if we talk about the pros, this smart watch has lots of to offer. First of all, it is one of the most affordable, wearable that comes with good features that help to maintain health and stay fit and it all comes only for $19.99, (Available on GearBest).
  • It has a bracelet looks, that keeps it apart from available rivals, it looks very attractive, satisfying and stylish, of course.
  • It comes with remote camera, use your wrist to capture pictures through using your smartphone. It is a quite pleasuring feature.
  • Anti-lost, a very unique feature that warns when your phone and watch get separated beyond their range. It takes good care of them, so you never lose the.
  • Also, it comes with call reminder. You’ll get to know that your phone is ringing.
  • Good battery backup is another great thing about this watch, with one complete charge (about 3 hours) it could be turned for 5-10 days on stand by mode.


  • Well, under that price tag it was quite hard to determine the drawbacks of this smart watch. Well, if I say that it has a major drawback too, then don’t get surprised. It works with Bluetooth 4.0 powered devices only, if your handset is outdated or does not have Bluetooth 4.0 feature than this watch won’t connect to it.

Available in multiple colors: Black, Blue, Gray, Orange and Yellow. Choose one that fits you perfectly.

Where to purchase?

As mentioned earlier, this smart watch is available at GearBest for $19.99 (may change by the time). So hurry up and get this watch →here.

Wrap up

The Aiwear M2S Bluetooth Smart Watch is surely worth its cost or more of it. So well designed that it adds a good touch to your personality, looks very sporty and feels so slick and tacky that you won’t feel any disturbance while exercising and taking walks.

Under $19.99, you could not expect much more. Just only one thing you should consider if you’re going to get this watch is that it works with Bluetooth 4.0 enable devices only. That’s not necessary to connect it to other devices, but it might be more worth if your device could connect it to.

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