10 Must have Accessories for Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016)

Do you know what’s great these days? OPTIONS! We have lots of options regarding Smartphones, and we can choose the ONE which can suit our requirements. However, there are always a few, which are capable to awe-struck us. Between those amazing smartphones, there is one special handset, i.e. Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016). In this post, we gonna share most trendy and useful accessories for Samsung Galaxy J7, launched this year.

According to our research, and various online surveys, Samsung Galaxy J7(2016) has been able to impress the masses by its beautiful design, splendid features, and above all, its affordable cost.

Some of you must have already bought this Smartphone, and some of you must be planning to buy it. We thought as many of you owns Samsung Galaxy J7(2016), you would be interested in knowing about some accessories to enhance its Style Quotient as well as Usability.

We hope that these accessores would help users to get full advantage of their smartphone. Don’t forget to share your thoughts about these accessories in this list. You’re most welcome to make comments.

Best accessories for Samsung Galaxy J7 (2016)

Mr Shield For Samsung Galaxy J7 2016

1. Tampered Glass Screen Protector

As soon as you buy a Smartphone, you must ensure to protect it from any kind of damage and you can easily save you mobile’s screen from any physical damage through a fine Tampered Glass Protector. One of the best is available by Mr. Shield. I know, its a very basic accessory but you must also agree, most the time, we forget about it, or simply doesn’t find it much required.

This Screen Protector is totally compatible with Samsung Galaxy J7. According to Mr. Shield, it provides you 99.99% HD Clarity, that means, better touch accuracy. It is also protected by Mr. Shield’s Lifetime Replacement Warranty.

You can buy it from here.

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Protective Hardened Cover

2. Protective Hardened Cover

A protective cover is a necessity, and its smart to start using it as soon as you buy your smartphone, as after that, this won’t be of much good as well..its just a cover after all! It will be like an armor, and is able to safeguard your Samsung Galaxy J7 from any physical damage.

You can Buy it from here.

MOONCASE Slim Leather Cover for Samsung Galaxy J7

3. Window Flip Cover

Some people like back cover for their mobiles and some are comfortable with Flip covers. Flip Cover has its own advantages, like, a window Flip cover leaves a window on your Smartphone’s screen to see time or to receive a call without lifting its Flip cover, very convenient!

This Flip Cover has a built-in Fold Stand design, which can be very convenient while watching videos, or reading a book etc.

You can buy it from here.

iKross Sport A2DP Bluetooth 3.0 Wireless Stereo headphones

4. Bluetooth Wireless Stereo headphone

Its the age of wireless accessories fellas! Here we have a wireless stereo headphone for you which is perfectly compatible with Samsung Galaxy J7. This is light weight and compact headphone which you can easily use even while you are jogging. You can listen to your music, answer, redial, or reject any phone call.

This headphone fits perfectly in your ears and offers you a tangle-free experience.

You can buy it from here.

Bike Mount or Motorcycle Mount

5. Bike Mount

Assume you have to use GPS while riding your bicycle or motorcycle, and you don’t have a friend beside you to navigate, at that time, you will feel a grave need for a Bike mount. So why wait for that situation to occur? Here, we have a perfect Bike Mount for you.

You can use it on your motorcycle, bicycle and it can also be used in a wheelchair. It has a firm grip and protects your phone from falling off. This mount fits on most of the handlebars and it is equipped with perfectly adjustable swivel.

You can buy it from here.

Smartphone Car Mount Holder for Galaxy S7

6. Car Mount Holder

After Bike Mount, we have here is a car mount. You can easily fit this car mount into the cup holder of your car. Its flexible neck offers provides you 360 degree rotation that facilitates easy viewing. It has 3 car sockets, 2 USB Ports, and a cell phone holder.

Its holder has extended arms which offers extra depth and length.

You can buy it from here.

 Bluetooth Smart Watch SmartWatch

7.  Smart Watch

Here’s a Smart watch for your Samsung Galaxy J7. You can use your Smartwatch with Samsung Galaxy J7 to perform various functions like MP3 music playing via Blurtooth, phone call reminder, Clock Display, Alarm Clock etc. It also has a special Two-way anti-lost feature with which you can find your phone through Smart watch and vice versa.

You can also remotely access your smartphone through this Smartwatch, and can view storage of your phone through your smartwatch.

You can buy it from here.

Power Bank for Galaxy J7

8. Power Bank

Wired charging is not every time possible, and we know that Samsung Galaxy doesn’t have wireless charging feature yet. At that point of time, you will need a portable power bank. It is a very lightweight and portable device that can be carried very easily without much effort.

You can buy it from here.

PTron Docking Station Charger for Samsung Galaxy J7

9. Docking Station Charger

You won’t believe it but a docking station charger can be very useful as it is a convenient way for charging your smart phone. This charger has been specifically designed for Samsung Galaxy J7, which makes it capable of providing full support to your smartphone.

It has a standard micro USB interface, a beautifully designed phone holder, and it facilitates data synchronization.

You can buy it from here.

Selfie Stick Extendable Handheld

10. Selfie Stick

I am sure you know all about Selfie Stick. This Selfie stick is fully compatible with Samsung galaxy J7. It is light weight, easy to carry, foldable, strong built(made of steel). You don’t need to connect it via Bluetooth, there is a 3.5mm audio cable.

You can it from here.

This ends our list of useful accessories for your Samsung Galaxy J7. If are using any other interesting J7 accessory, then please care to share with us. We will surely update our list soon with more useful and trendy accessories.

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