Best Android Ad Blocker – How to Stop Pop Ups on Android

Online advertising day by day ruins our internet experience popping up and flashing here and there, autoplaying and covering up like 90% of the page. Different web browsers offer solutions in the settings on dealing with ads but they a) do not always help b) available only in desktop versions. So if you’re searching for an answer on a question best android ad blocker or how to stop pop ups on Android, you will need an ad blocking software. Meet AdLock a new ad blocker for Android and Windows PC.

What is AdLock

As the name implies AdLock “locks ads”. It doesn’t just block adverts it doesn’t allow your browser or application to download any advertising content. This significantly speeds up the loading of the pages and saves traffic when you use mobile internet.  

Why AdLock?

So, why should I prefer AdLock a paid software over the hundreds of other free ad blockers that can be easily found on Play Store? As you know Play Store, as well as the whole Android project, belongs to Google a great empire who is responsible for all the ads you get. And all ad blockers you see on the Play Store are more or less loyal to Google advertising politics.

That means they have default whitelist of Google ads domains they are not allowed to filter. Also, they can only use DNS filtration for ad blocking. Simply put, they can only hide adverts that were already downloaded by a web page. The result is not always neat. You may see a bunch of missed ads and big blank spots instead of the hidden content. Free ad blockers usually have difficulties with blocking ads on HTTPS websites up to not being able to block ads on such websites at all.

AdLock has neither of the listed issues. It applies a five-step filtration system which cuts off ads perfectly and uses MITM attack to filter HTTPS traffic. An inbuilt anti-tracker covers your internet activity from advertisers so that pan you were searching for two weeks ago didn’t follow you across the web. Google keeps applications like this out of its marketplaces as they don’t allow it to make a profit from advertising.


AdLock is a new application. Its developers encourage users in all possible ways. First, they offer a really generous 14-day trial. And second, they appreciate their users’ attempts to improve AdLock. You will get more free days up to a free lifetime license each time you report issues to the application support.

Though if you don’t have troubles using app don’t worry AdLock is not that expensive. It’s only $11 a year or roughly three Starbucks frappuccinos or $27 per lifetime or one family size bucket of KFC chicken.

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