Best virtual Space Apps for Android

There was a time when the usage of Virtual space apps was not a thing. As the modern tech was adopted by users, usage of tools like this increased. There are many reasons why a user installs a Parallel space app. Today users are about to get the list of Best virtual Space Apps for Android.

There are many ways in which a virtual space application can be used. The most common usage of these applications is for closing purposes. Cloning is the most used feature on applications like these. There might be many who would be clearly familiar with the feature and some may be completely clueless.

 The article will surely help every user in understanding the term and usage properly. The most common reason for cloning apps is for managing multiple social accounts. There are many people out there who are using multiple social accounts at the same time. for doing that, they had to use multiple cell phones.

Now the usage of applications like this has made things a lot easier. Now the user is just required to install a parallel Space app. Now the user has to clone the app they want. The cloned application will be shifted to a respective folder. Now users will have two same apps on the same device in a matter of seconds.

This way the users will be able to use dual accounts on the same platform. Now there are hundreds of apps out there to install. But finding the right and best apps is quite hard. That is the reason why we will be sharing this list. The list will help determine which tool will work best for interested users.

Best Virtual Space Apps


This tool is offering services for Android and IOS. The Android feature of the application will be really amazing. Now before we discussed any features, every user should know that it does not require you to Root your device. The application works completely fine without Root Access.

 The services of the tool are going to be much more than just cloning. The application is a great option for all gamers. Those who use added tools with the game for fun purposes will get a safe environment to play in. the Cloning process is going to be fast and it works on almost all the apps on the device.

 Now With this app Download, you are up for a pleasant surprise. As it works fine with any android device running the minimum required version of the software. It has a lot of features for the users to explore.

Key Features

  • Get added security while online browsing.
  • Multiple social accounts on multiple platforms.
  • Use double WhatsApp accounts.
  • Enjoy the free services.
  • Works on low-end devices.


This tool is solely dedicated to using multiple accounts on Android phones. The features of the app will be only suitable for those who are into using multiple profiles on social apps and games. If anyone is using a shared phone at work or home, then it has specific features for that.

It offers a membership plan where the user has to spend some money. Once the payment is done, the application offers the opportunity to lock any profile they want. There will be password protection on any of the cloned applications.

Heavy games like PUBG, MLBB, and COC can be cloned instantly. There will be no effect on the official accounts. The official accounts will remain safe and interruption-free no matter what happens to the cloned app profile.

Key Features

  • Free to use with in-app payments.
  • Protect desired files with passwords.
  • Works on Android version 4.1 and Higher.
  • Data is kept separately from all profiles.
  • No limit to application cloning.
  • Many more…
Image of Best Virtual Space Apps

Dual Space Pro

This tool for Android has a series of features to offer for free and after premium purchasing as well. The application will help in creating a clone of all the desired applications smoothly. There will be a different set of features like Creating clones, Separating data stored, being Safe to use, and more.

 The creators of this tool have worked on making applications private and secure. There are times when users want to keep the secrets of a profile hidden. For such profiles, users will get the option of hiding the cloned apps completely. The app will be not visible to anyone other than the owner.

This privacy feature will turn out very productive for the viewers. There will be requirements for granting some permissions. The application will not access the information of your device. It will ask for permissions where needed and the user gets to allow or block.

Key Features

  • Instant account switching.
  • App file size is very light.
  • App’s CPU and Battery consumption are low.           
  • Works smoothly on low-end phones.
  • A lot more…

Clone App

 The services of this application this tool are very famous among the users. The application has been downloaded millions of times from Google Play Store alone. The apk file is also available on numerous third-party app stores.

 The application creators have worked on making the application accessible for high-end and low-end device users. That is why it will support both 32 bit and 64 Bit. It provides different sorts of application customization features as well. There will be different themes and modes available to use.

Key Features

  • It has an inbuilt VPN service.
  • Safe and secure to use.
  • High-end VPN servers.
  • Protection for cloned apps.
  • A lot more…

These are the applications that every user should give a try. If anyone is having trouble managing multiple phones, then is a simple and instant solution. This is the opportunity to manage both work and home life without giving any effort.

Final Words

This is the end of this article and we hope that everyone gets what they were here for. All the tech enthusiasts will surely have a great time testing the above-mentioned apps.

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