5+ Best Apps For Meditation And Stress Control

Are you concerned about your health or suffering from stress? There’s a thing, you could use your mobile phone to make your health better and get rid of the stress. Therefore, we have this useful selection of meditation and stress management apps for your smartphone.

Life in today’s world is hard to imagine without constant worry and stress. Almost every day we are bombarded with a lot of negative emotions at work and at home. Sometimes it is difficult to stay in tune with oneself and hear the inner voice of reason. If you want to feel inner freedom, the power of the moment, get to know yourself or just relax after a hard day at work, then meditation is the best option. We have selected some of the best iPhone meditation apps that are available to all.

Mind Ease: Anxiety Relief

1. Mind Ease: Anxiety Relief

Mind Ease is your path to fast anxiety-relief. Science-backed calming exercises that are tailored to your needs. All designed to be completed within 10 minutes. All shown to reduce negative feelings.

Track your progress and explore the diverse range of techniques on offer. From meditation and mindfulness, to reflective writing and techniques to boost your sleep, Mind Ease supports your mental wellbeing, in the short and long-term. 

Free period: 7 days, after $39.99 per year.

Meditopia: Sleep and Meditation

2. Meditopia: Sleep and Meditation

Meditopia offers more than just a brief solution for good sleep and stress reduction. More than 1,000 deep immersion meditations to suit everyone.

All techniques are presented in 9 languages, aimed at accepting ourselves, our body image, life goals.

The aim is to create a sanctuary for you, where you can find the keys to create mental stability and peace of mind. The meditation library offers topics such as: mindfulness, acceptance, compassion, anger, motivation, sexuality, breathing, body positivity, change and courage, self-love, self-confidence, body scanning.

Free period: 7 days, after $2.49 per month.

3. Insight Timer: Meditation.

Various meditations and talks led by the world’s leading meditation and mindfulness experts, psychologists and teachers from Stanford, Harvard, Oxford University and many others. Musical tracks from internationally renowned artists. You can join the millions of people who are also learning to meditate with Insight Timer to calm the mind, reduce anxiety, sleep soundly and increase their level of happiness.

Free period: 7 days, after $59.99 per year. Free workshops and playlists are available.

Headspace: Meditation Sleep

4. Headspace: Meditation Sleep

Headspace is your guide to mindfulness in your daily life. Just need to learn meditation and mindfulness skills.

Discover techniques to relax before you go to sleep. Explore a wide range of fantastic sound experiences with recordings of natural surroundings in soundscapes or serene music for sleep.

Track your progress and time spent meditating. Meditations and mindfulness exercises for children with sessions on kindness, calm and focus.

Free period: 7 days, after $12.99 per month.

5. Meditation and Sounds by Verv

Meditation and Sounds by Verv takes a holistic approach to develop mindfulness and includes audio meditation courses, short 5 – minute meditations for quick stress relief, melodies and sounds for relaxation.

There are also personalised audio meditation courses, colour therapy, 5-minute meditations (short meditations), relaxing sounds, meditation basics.

Free period: 7 days, after $9.99 per month.

6. Practice – meditation and sleep

Practice – meditation apps. In Russian and without esoterics. Helps with stressful situations, improves sleep and performance. There are short lessons and thematic courses with a professional guide. You can quickly learn the basics of meditation and meditate every day.

Free period: 7 days, after $5.99 per month. There is a free course.

Meditation is a great way to live a happier and more conscious life. We hope you can find your way to Zen through these apps. Do you have something better? Make sure to drop your comments below!

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