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Overcoming human skepticism, meditation has been woven into everyday life for several centuries, and it is worth noting that at present the practices do not raise unnecessary questions, do not seem to be something strange, unknown. If in the past it was strongly associated with sectarian “tricks”, now it becomes difficult even to find someone who did not try to study the topic or did not discuss it with friends. Therefore, in this list, we gather some of the best meditation Android apps that you can use to deep meditate and have a good time.

We can say that now meditation has reached a well-deserved level of trust and recognition on the part of people, despite the fact that it has helped them for thousands of years: what are the only practices of Qigong concentration! By the way, translated from Latin “meditation” is nothing more than “reflection”.

So what are these mysterious practices? Conventionally, this is a set of approved exercises aimed at achieving awareness, as well as physical and spiritual recovery. If we consider the techniques as a whole, then they always come down to a concentration of attention and will.

What can be achieved with regular practice?

  • The ability to organize thoughts in a short period of time.
  • Set up as quickly as possible for a specific task
  • Normalize sleep, speed up the process of falling asleep.
  • Get closer to inner harmony and balance of thoughts and feelings.

And this is not to mention the fact that meditation and relaxation, in addition to total relaxation, stimulate some people to reveal their inner potential and new abilities.

List of 7 best meditation Apps for Android

We examined about 30 of the best meditation apps for Android, even turned to ProductHunt, a popular Western website where users share their favorite products, for help, and chose seven of the coolest. All of them are united by one purpose: assistance in achieving relaxation, immersion in oneself, and ensuring peace of mind. Traditionally, most patient will have a small bonus at the end.

1. MyLife Meditation by Stop. Breathe. Think

MyLife Meditation by Stop. Breathe. Think

An excellent meditation app for both beginners and advanced users. The interface is simple and straightforward; in the bowels of the application, the formation of statistics is provided, reflecting your physical and emotional state over the past few days.

You will be prompted to note metrics, including the number and duration of meditations. Thanks to this, you will be able to analyze your achievements and monitor your progress.

There is a large number of exercises, regularly resorting to which, you will significantly improve your physical and psychosomatic condition. A distinctive feature of the development is that it is also suitable for breathing exercises, while you do not need to download additional programs for full-fledged classes: you can only rise from the very basics to more progressive practices here.

Feature: an extensive library of theoretical information about the rules of meditation and the effect of each individual practice on the body (easy-to-read text with bright explanatory pictures).

Cost: the basic version can be used for free, but you will have to pay for additional tutorials, however, not so much, and there is no need for this if you only need a fundamental program.

Download this app here.

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2. Insight Timer

Insight Timer

A decent app that lovers of bedtime meditation will definitely love. Why? It’s very simple! Only here there is a huge collection of melodies aimed at achieving maximum relaxation, and their playback does not stop even in sleep mode.

Nice interface, the presence of the different languages, high download speed, and many interesting practices, painted literally step by step. What else do you need to comfortably take care of your inner world?

The unique thing is that the application resembles a kind of social network – there is an opportunity to communicate and share experiences with other users and in this development one of the largest libraries of free content.

Feature: The ability to sync across all your devices.

Cost: you can use it for free while connected to the Internet, but for full-fledged lessons in offline mode, you will have to regularly pay a few dollars.

Download this app here.

3. Smiling mind

Smiling mind

If you absolutely do not know how to meditate properly, then this application is what you need to download as soon as possible. There is an incredible collection of both breathing exercises and physical practices, as well as a theory that can be listened to in audio format, pictures explaining the principle of a particular meditative posture, and, of course, classical/fundamental blocks that are conveniently structured and disbanded according to ages from the age of seven and topics.

Yes, you can teach even children to health-improving activities! And in the case of this development, you will not have to worry about the fact that at such a young age the child will receive unsuitable loads.

Feature: you can create many accounts for free and manage all from one main one (it will be very convenient for those who lead groups, teach other people, and work as a coach).

Cost: full content without additional fees (yes, three beloved letters are free).

Download this app here.

4. Meditation Music – Relax, Yoga

Music for meditation

The practice of meditation is usually associated by everyone with the use, if not of music, then at least of relaxing sounds (forests, water, animals, birds). This is not surprising, since sometimes on the way to complete internal calm it is very difficult to discard obsessive thoughts, emotions, and reasoning.

Especially if, for example, one resorts to meditation to relieve stress: irritation, anger, nervousness are manifestations from which it is very difficult to distract, therefore neutral melodies or mantras no longer turn into a whim and pleasure, but a necessity.

This application is ideal for its simplicity, elementary for understanding and managing the interface, and, what is most important in our opinion, the absence of advertising. Download, set up a timer, choose a background, and relax.

Feature: what is unique here is that this application contains only music and nothing but music, and it is also very cool.

Cost: free and without intrusive notifications asking to buy the extension, the complete set is free.

Download this app here.

5. MindFi

Mind Fi

In conditions of modern rhythm, no matter how trite it may sound, it is very, very difficult to steal time for classes, while it is extremely useful for the “always busy” to practice meditations to increase energy, so as not to completely discharge their internal battery.

This development is for those who are constantly in a hurry somewhere, are constantly working, and hardly found the time for this review. Collected here are obscenely short breathing exercises that will help you rediscover yourself, shed the emotional burden from your shoulders, and simply let your nervous system relax. You don’t even have to close your eyes! Try it, you will definitely like it.

Feature: the smartest application that can adjust to the user’s biorhythm and mood (it’s like a house cat, only better because it does not require food).

Cost: 100% free

Download this app here.

6. Pause able

Pause able

You could call this app pampering, of course, but it’s definitely rewarding pampering! We would call it a convenient extension that is accessible and clearly explains the principle of any meditation for beginners.

How? If you look closely at the picture, you will understand without explanation. The program forces you to take actions aimed at the maximum shutdown of thought processes. You just slowly draw out the given lines with your finger and completely immerse yourself in…

If you are a fan of “sticking” to all sorts of nonsense, then boldly choose this development and abstract from what is happening around in any place and at any time.

Feature: the main trick is that your meditation will actually be tactile, as it is realized through thoughtful and conscious movements.

Cost: This is where you can cheer and gloat because it is completely free for Android users.

Download this app here.

7. Meditation Studio

Meditation Studio

This application can be called the best, at least because of the variety of methods presented. It is updated regularly, it is enough just to update the development on time.

Here, thousands of years of proven technology from world-famous gurus, sorted not only by subject, but also stylistically, and this is also the best bun for those who want to pump their self-esteem and positive qualities.

Feature: if you liked this or that training course, then you can add it to your unique collection, which is automatically generated by topic for the most convenient navigation.

Cost: unfortunately, free use is not available, but the price tag is quite democratic – $2.99 dollars.

Download this app here.

Why you need mediation applications?

If you really love yourself, then you are obliged to serve not only your body, but also your mind: to protect, to protect from negativity. To maintain health, it is not enough to consume vitamins or medications, it is only superficial self-care, which has nothing to do with spirituality. And, as you know, if the nervous system is exhausted, then no pills will help even in the case of the development of elementary colds.

Meditation is one of the ways to protect yourself, to learn how to properly cope with stressful situations, minimizing their impact on the body and psychological health. But the most important thing that everyone is obliged to observe, deciding to engage in spiritual practices, is stability and a systematic increase in loads (do not think that your brain is not loaded during meditation, it is not).

Only systematic classes will help you to comprehend the necessary techniques and pump your level of awareness, and the applications that we have selected for you will contribute to the correct systematization and simplify the implementation of the tasks.

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