The 8 Best Apps To Track Your Phone

In the past time, spy applications were complicated, expensive, and very difficult to install on the phone to spy on, which was generally foreign. This required specialized knowledge, and even alterations to the device.

Fortunately, technological advances have led to important changes, spy applications are nowadays accessible and easy to download. However, before you start you should keep in mind that they should only be used to access mobile devices that you are authorized, such as business devices or your underage child’s device, doing it for third-party devices that are not in our name, is not allowed.

The 8 best applications to track your phone

Just as there are a wide variety of phones, there are phone trackers, in some cases designed to meet specific needs.

In this sense, the application to be used will depend on its use, for example, tracking a child, tracking a device used by an employee, or tracking a boyfriend or girlfriend. In the latter case, it is a delicate matter and you may be breaking the law if you do not have the consent of this person.

Check out these apps, which are very popular and highly recommended:

1. FamiSafe Location Tracking.

This is a phone number tracker app for Android and iOS, with several features to track the location of the target device. Available free of cost, with access to features in a premium plan at affordable prices.

2. Google Maps

It is a leading navigation service available on the web. More than just a spy app that allows you to track your device and show your location, it includes many features that empower the user to explore new places.

3. Where’s My Droid

phone tracking application, designed for Android devices, with an easy and convenient tracking location process. It allows capturing an image with the target device’s camera without the target user noticing.

4. Geo-Tracker

It is an Android app that enables phone location tracking. You can download this app for free from the Google Play store.

5. Find My Device

This application developed by Google for Android has been specially designed to locate stolen and/or lost devices.

6. Glympse

This app is available for Android and iOS, it allows you to instantly locate the target device and enables you to know its location history.

7. FlexiSpy

It is a paid spy application for mobile devices, quite complete, useful in a wide variety of devices, easy to install, and offers support in case of doubts.

8. My Spy

This paid app is quite powerful and useful on a variety of phones and tablets. Advertised as the world’s number one phone tracking app.

How to track an iPhone phone?

  • Create and configure iCloud on the device.
  • Go to “Settings” from the Apple device and in the “iCloud”, enter your account registration data.
  • Allow iCloud to recognize the location of your device by tapping on Ok.
  • To track the location, just:
  • Log in to the iCloud website and use your username.
  • Then choose the option “Find My iPhone”.
  • Immediately on a map, it will show you the exact location of the device.

It also gives you options to interact with this device, such as sending messages, sounds or even lock it in theft-proof, in case you have lost it.

How these applications work

Steps to follow with some applications to track cell phones.

  • You must have access to the device to track, at that time you must perform the following steps:
  • Enter the online page of the application you want to install on the device to spy on.
  • Choose the application, and proceed to download and install it on the device.
  • Accept and approve each of the pop-up windows that will appear.
  • Accept the installation and then restart the device.
  • Log in to the mail account via the web, from a different computer, tablet or cell phone than the one you wish to spy on.
  • Confirm that you have successfully logged into your account, the device where you have installed the tracking application.
  • Send a test SMS from the target device in order to confirm that the installed application is working correctly.
  • Make sure that the target device has access to a WiFi or data connection.
  • Make a test call to confirm that the application is still working.
  • Delete your test call and SMS from the target phone.

With these steps, you will be able to monitor the activity on the target phone. The information and data to track are location, WhatsApp messages, MSM, calls, iMessage, Facebook chats, among others. This is according to the capacity and characteristics of the application you decide to install.

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