9 Best Apps to Correct Perspective of Photos

If you often use your phone to take photographs and share them on the web, you will be pleased to know that some applications allow you to correct the perspective of the image, giving you the possibility to improve the optical impact you want to achieve.

Changing the perspective of the images is not an obligation, but with a few retouching, often some photos, especially of buildings, can be more attractive if slightly corrected, perhaps canceling the effect of a wrong angle or a distortion of the lens.

In other cases, you can instead use an app to correct the perspective in reverse, i.e. by creating completely different angles to give a different impact to the image, play on the diagonals, etc.

Although this is a fairly important element, especially for those who take photographs of buildings, or who play on architectural, geometric, and similar aspects, there are not many applications dedicated to the genre.

And the main reason is that by now many app publishers have become so complex that they include tools to correct the perspective of photos.

Despite this, some specialized apps do this job better, or your editor doesn’t fully meet the expectations of tools or features.

9 Best Apps to Correct the Perspective of Photos

Below is a selection of some apps that can help you in symmetry, perspectives, and correct some distortions of the lenses.

1. SKRWT – (iPhone iPad and Android)

SKRWT, by mjagielski, is one of the first apps created exclusively for correcting the perspective of photos, and it does an excellent job.

Its interface is simple, intuitive, and really easy to use.

With this app, you can correct horizontal and vertical distortions with a simple touch, and automatically crop the photo.

SKRWT is suitable for different types of distortions and useful for correcting the perspective of various lenses, including wide angles, fisheye, and even images taken with GoPro.

There is nothing simpler than scrolling through the tools below and having fun applying all the existing changes.

You can use this application to either align buildings or landscapes on the horizon, harmonize lines to make them more attractive, or on the contrary, try to push your creativity beyond the normal boundaries and create some whimsical but somewhat attractive angle.

It is a highly recommended tool and one you should definitely have on your phone to use when needed.

2. VSCO – (iPhone iPad and Android)

VSCO, formerly VSCO Cam, is not an application dedicated to perspective correction but is above all known for the undisputed quality of the filters.

However, the app also has a series of basic editing tools inside, in order to allow you to make some necessary and indispensable adjustments, without necessarily having to open other applications to perform a few tweaks.

In one of the latest updates, VSCO Cam has also added the ability to correct perspective with two simple options, horizontal and vertical adjustment.

The tools are very easy to use and you don’t need to buy the app to be able to do this, as they are offered in the free part available to anyone.

When you edit the photo by moving the horizontal ring at the bottom, your image will expand externally giving you an immediate glimpse of what you are getting and how you are editing the photograph. It’s very simple, you can’t go wrong.

3. Adobe Photoshop Express – (iPhone and Android)

Adobe Photoshop Express doesn’t need much introduction as an editor.

It is an app that has improved more and more over time becoming an interesting editor to improve your photos.

The app comes with an automatic perspective correction tool that you can use.

But it clearly allows you to tweak the horizontal and vertical axes to fine-tune the perspective to your liking.

An additional slider allows you to edit the latest variant in detail.

4. Genius Scan – (iPhone iPad, Android)

Genius Scan, from The Grizzly Labs, is kind of the grandmother of perspective correction apps.

In reality, this application is used to scan photos and then use them as documents, but when there were still no apps dedicated to perspective correction and these tools had not yet been included in other editing applications, Genius Scan was a valid free alternative to use.

The app allows you to import photos and when it does, it automatically tries to apply an orange grid to them to figure out what best to do.

You can move the corners of this grid to any position you like, and you will automatically see the image change in the various horizontal and vertical axes.

It’s very fast and easy to use, it’s free, and it remains on this list in honor of its glorious and distant past.

5. Snapseed – (iPhone iPad and Android)

Snapseed is a very well known app used by a significant amount of people.

Inside Snapseed also provides a transformation tool that allows you to perform simple options to correct the perspective of the image or more than anything else to change some alignments.

The app allows you to change the vertical, horizontal, and rotation of the image, then fill in the gaps that are created with a repetition of the pattern in the corners of the photo.

It may work in some cases and not in others depending on the texture of the photograph, but it’s worth trying to see what it does to use it when you need it most.

6. SKEW – (iPhone iPad)

SKEW, by ThirtyFive, is an app dedicated exclusively to perspective correction, with an interface similar to SKRWT.

The app offers simple horizontal and vertical correction tools, accompanied by rotation, cropping, and alignment.

With a 4 corner grid, you can engrave on each of them to stretch the image the way you like, and thanks to the curves, you can give a distortion effect to the photo making it slightly different from the original.

However, the application has not been updated for some time, check before purchasing if it has received any refresh.

7. Perspective – (Android)

Perspective, by A54Studio, is an editing app that does a little bit of everything.

The application is designed to offer various tools useful for photo editing.

Among them, you can also find options that allow you to deform the perspective of the photo to your liking.

Of course, you can also crop and distort the photo in several ways.

8. Perspectivize – (iPhone)

Perspectivize, by Mihir Panchal, is definitely a simple app with the bare minimum.

The app allows you to change the perspective of your photos with just a few commands.

You can work with your phone either vertically or horizontally, for added convenience.

A bezel allows you to fine-tune perspective and align your image within its rectangle.

9. Perspective Corrector – (iPhone and Android)

Perspective Corrector, by Harald Meyer, is another simple app that comes from a very eclectic developer.

The application offers an overlay grid to help you better understand the perpendicularity of lines.

There are a few tools available that make you do exactly what you need.

The app supports the highest resolution and does not delete any Exif data.

Best Perspective Correct App

As you have seen, some apps can help you to correct the perspective of photos, and you can even use them to create some artistic and creative distortion to post to your friends.

Many generic editors have begun to put some of these options into their software, but apps like SKRWT offer more features within them dedicated solely to this purpose.

And they can therefore be definitely preferable!

If by chance you often use an app to correct the perspective that is not indicated in this selection, you can write to us by email to indicate it and we will evaluate it to eventually insert it.

I hope you found this selection useful if so, you can share it with your friends and you will certainly do them as a courtesy.

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