The Top 5 Custom Roms for Nexus 6

Nexus 6, another successor model in Google’s Nexus series and was one which lunched with latest Android 5. Lollipop operating system. We are here with our list of good custom Roms for Google Nexus 6, all roms has been assembled here depending upon their features, stability and real reviews from Nexus 6 users, who have installed these Roms on their handset.

Stock operating system, i.e Android 5.0 Lollipop is excellent, however, with Lollipop based custom Rom for Google’s Nexus 6, you can enjoy it more, can customize your device according to your convenience, get complete access over the installed apps, utilize many powerful apps and much.

All the Roms listed here are based on latest Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system with lots of improvements and add-ons.

We hope you guys would like our this list of some best Roms for Nexus 6, lets start the list:

1. LiquidSmooth v4.0


Rom Features:

  • Lightweight Rom based on AOSP
  • LiquidSmooth build optimizations and black User Interface
  • Many features from CyanogenMod Rom
  • Many User Interface Customization tools to customize IU accordingly
  • Regular OTA updates support
  • Stable and fast.

To download and read more about LiquidSmooth Rom visit here.

2. SlimLP

SlimLp for Nexus 6

Rom Features:

  • Most of the bloatwares have been removed with improved performance.
  • The real dark Slim user interface.
  • Included SlimPIE  ased on CM’s PIE, inspired by PA’s PIE with a light touch of Slim.
  • Slim features: Dialer, privacy guard,  Notification reminder, drawer and lockscreen shortscut
  • Custom Quick Settings Tiles and much more.
  • Very light, stable and smooth.

To download and read more about SlimLP Rom visit here.

3. Chroma Rom

Chroma rom nexus 6

Rom features:

  • Entirely developed to make battery remain last longer with high performance
  • Almost same as stock OS with few essential features for improved user experience and custom access.
  • Chroma Customization: customize notification bar, Volume rocker, advance system setting, etc.,
  • No bug, very simple, smooth and no boatwares.

To download and read more about Chroma Rom visit here.

4.  Euphoria-OS


Rom features:

  • Based on AOSP lollipop.
  • Tons of advance features and applications has been added to it.
  • Theme Chooser for make your device look unique and stand apart.
  • Many sound enhancements such AudioFX, Eleven, Increased volume, Expanded Volume Panel
  • Navigation tweaks such as Navigation bar options – Size & Hide, Sweep To Wake, Quick settings quick pulldown, etc.,
  • Inbuilt app security options
  • Stable, enrich with lots of features and much more.

To download and read more about Euphoria-OS PRom visit here.

5. Resurrection Remix


Rom features:

  • Rom is based on multiple Roms including, AOKP, CM, PA, Omni and original Remix ROM builds.
  • Perfect combination of performance, customization, power and the most new features.
  • Dark Materialized look with UI customization options.
  • Included all CynogenMo 12 features
  • Full of features, stable and smooth.

To download and read more about Resurrection Remix Rom visit here.

There are few more Roms available for Nexus 6 and you can view them all over this link. We hope you guys would like our list of best Roms for Nexus 6.

Please feel free to install any of the Rom listed above, till now, none of the Rom has been encountered with any major bug. All are complete, safe, and smooth and don’t forget to share your experience, it would be great help to other.

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