Download Minecraft 1.20.20, 1.20.10 and 1.20.0 for Android

Download Minecraft 1.20.20, 1.20.10 and 1.20.0 for Android apk: visit the expanded underground territories, where players are waiting for new dangers, unique creatures, and a lot of interesting things.

Minecraft Bedrock 1.20.20, 1.20.10 and 1.20.0

It is no secret that secrets and riddles attract almost everyone. Dark locations have previously appeared in Minecraft Bedrock 1.19.51 Release and quickly gained popularity among players. The Deep Dark biome, although it is a rather gloomy and dangerous place, at the same time it conceals untold treasures and many heroes hurried to find them.

This time, the developers have prepared even more diverse locations that will interest even the most experienced users.


Exploring dark locations can be very interesting, especially if players can find something valuable and interesting in them. In new version Minecraft 1.20.0, you can mine a new kind of ore. You can find it in the Ender dimension.

The Ender Ore is suitable for smelting and can subsequently be exchanged with villagers or crafted into armor and weapons.

Also in this location, players will be able to find sources of acid. If you click on them with an empty bucket, it will fill up. In the future, this substance can be used as a weapon.


Players will be able to find all these items and resources in the expanded Ender dimension. The surrounding space has received completely new graphics, which were previously available only when installing Shaders for MCPE.

Players can explore the Dead City in Minecraft 1.20.20, 1.20.10 and 1.20.0, where there is an abandoned prison right under the entrance. You can find an incredible amount of diamonds in it. But be careful, because the prisoners who are here can be extremely dangerous.

Settlers’ housing

Of course, there are also locals in this dimension who have gone wild from the lack of sunlight, but at the same time, they can still be useful to players. It will be possible to meet both inhabited villages and completely abandoned ones.

By the way, secondly, in Minecraft 1.20.20, 1.20.10 and 1.20.0 it will be possible to find treasure chests.


Players are already well aware of the creatures that inhabited this dimension earlier. In Minecraft 1.20.20, 1.20.10 and 1.20.0, a few more very interesting instances were added to them. Among them are settlers. These locals are neutral toward the player and are always ready to exchange their treasures for something valuable.

Another mob that players can meet is the Keeper of the Edge. Can treat the hero both friendly and aggressively. Attacks with the help of an Energy Staff – a powerful weapon that can shoot charges and deal damage with various effects.

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