How To Fix Frozen iPhone Without Data Loss

No wonder that Apple’s iPhones offer more stable operating system, and user interface, but sometimes you might get stuck with such issues. Since, we use our smartphone to carry out our important tasks, and save our files, and other documents, such problem can be worse in all. In this tutorial we’ll help you to fix your frozen iPhone without data loss. We will revive the device with no loss of data. If you’re carrying an iPhone, this should come helpful to you.

Though, most of the time is not quite tough to fix frozen issue. Unless, it relates to hardware issues, there are ways to make it work properly in no time. If that is related to hardware, or some sort of that, you have more to worry. Since, the iPhone doesn’t come with a removable battery, so you cannot just try the battery plate method. The most common practice, or solution is to restart the device. So, we highly recommend you to power off the device completely, and turn it on to see if the issue has been resolved. To power off your phone, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button at the top until a red slider appears. Slide it to power off the device.

In case, the issue still persists, keep reading this tutorial. There are many tools available that can easily fix iPhone black screen problem, and many more. To help you out, we have dr.fone iOS Recovery Tool that helps to tackle many problems, and make sure to keep your data completely safe. Using this tool, one can easily fix various iOS system issues like recovery mode, stuck on Apple logo issues, black screen, looping on start, fixing iOS, etc. The tool is compatible with all models of iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. That makes it more useful.

A free trial version is available to try dr.fone iOS Recovery Tool. Download the free trial of dr.fone iOS Recovery Tool from →here. This tool is available for both, Windows, and Mac operating system. Let’s see how we can use this tool fix frozen iPhone without any data loss. Also, you could try the Tuneskit’s iPhone Data Recovery Mac tool instead of dr.fone recovery tool. Through this tool, you can manage to recover up to 2o types to different files and data on your phone. And just like dr.fone tool, you can get a free trail of this tool. So, you can test this tool thoroughly.

Important: There is one that you must know, that this tool will update the version of your operating system to latest one. And if you have Jailbroken already, then it will turn it to non-Jailbroken version. You files, and data will be safe completely.

How To Fix Frozen iPhone Without Data Loss

Step 1. Download, and install the dr.fone iOS Recovery Tooldr.fone iOS Recovery Tool on your Windows/Mac operating system based laptop/desktop, and run the program.

Once you open the application, you get following options:

Now, tap on Repair option to get further options to cure your iPhone/iPad/iPod.

There is one thing that you should have on PC. You need the latest version of iTunes installed on your PC in order to repair your handset using this tool.

So, make sure that you’ve already installed the latest version of iTunes on your PC.

Step 2. Connect your phone using A USB cable and tap on the Start button. This tool will automatically detect the device, and lets you know further actions.

Once your device is successfully connected, it displays the important information about the device such as Model number, System version, Jailbrea, or not, etc.

Step 3. Boot into DFU mode. The DFU mode, simply stands for Device Firmware Update mode, that helps to update firmware on IOS devices.

The steps to boot into DFU mode are mentioned on the next screen of the dr.fone iOS Recovery Tool, just like below:

For all the iOS devices, steps are given, and guided too.

Step 4. Select, and Download the firmware based on your handset, and version of system. The tool is more likely to link the latest one, or you can choose as per your requirements.

Since, we are downloading firmware, it may take some time, and it needs good internet connectivity. You need to keep patience while it works.

Step 5. As soon as the download is complete, you’ll get a next screen with Fix Now button. To fix the Frozen screen on your iPhone/iPad/iPod, you need to tap on that button.

Make sure that you check the radio button – Retain native data. It is crucial that you check this button. Tap on Fix Now button to start the fixing process.

It may take anywhere between 5-10 minutes to complete.

Once the process is completed, take off your phone. Now, it should restart, and boots to home screen in some time.

That’s it. Now, the frozen issue on your iPhone should have been removed, and all of your data is kept untouched.

In this way, one can easily tackle even more issues. The tool kit comes with a bundle of useful features to make easier to manage mobile phones, tablet, and iPods. That ends our tutorial here, and we hope that our readers would use this to handle such issues on Apple devices.

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