How To Fix Xiaomi Phone Keeps Rebooting [4 Best Solutions]

What to do if your Xiaomi phone restarts without stopping – causes and the best solutions to fix boot loops, unwanted reboots and similar issues on your Xiaomi phone.

Owners of Xiaomi smartphones sometimes encounter unpleasant malfunctions. The device starts to work incorrectly, freezes, restarts on its own or does not turn on at all. Such problems can be solved at home. In today’s article, we will tell you what to do if your Xiaomi or Redmi phone keeps rebooting.

A boot loop is a cyclical (constant) reboot that makes it impossible to use your smartphone. The device starts rebooting automatically when the operating system starts, and this process is repeated without interruption. In some cases, the device functions normally and only occasionally reboots unexpectedly but then works again.

Unfortunately, the second variant is very rare: More often than not, an uninterrupted reboot prevents the mobile device from starting up. You can’t say it’s a “brick”, but it’s still impossible to use the phone while it’s boot looping. Therefore failure should be eliminated as soon as possible.

What causes boot loops on Xiaomi smartphones?

Boot loop appears due to a number of reasons:

  1. The smartphone has switched off during an update.
  2. A firmware version not suitable for your model has been installed.
  3. Attempted to flash the device with the Chinese version to the global firmware.
  4. Deleted important system files (such situations are common on rooted handsets).
  5. There is a malicious file/software on the phone, or there is a conflict between installed applications.
  6. The smartphone has been subjected to mechanical impact or fallen into water.

Five of the above-mentioned reasons can be solved manually. The sixth reason, on the other hand, requires a workshop, as it is problematic to subdue the smartphone at home.

What To Do If Xiaomi Smartphone Is In Boot loop Or Keep Restarting Itself

Next, let’s find out how to get your phone back to its normal working state. Be warned that we are not responsible for your actions. The instruction is provided for information purposes only.

Factory rest Xiaomi smartphone to fix boot loops and restarting issues
Factory reset helps to fix most issues on Android phones including boot loops!

Method 1: Factory reset

If you encounter any serious problems with your smartphone, it is recommended that you first reset it to factory settings. This will clear all information from your phone, including any that may be infected by a virus. The boot loop makes it very difficult to access the system settings, so we suggest an alternative option – performing the operation via the recuperator. Both the system software project and the custom one will do.

  1. Completely turn off the smartphone by holding down the power button for a few seconds.
  2. Hold down the power and volume up key. Hold down the volume knob until the recovery menu pops up.
  3. Scroll down to “Wipe Data” – “Wipe AII Data” or something similar Confirm the action.
  4. Wait until the smartphone is reset to factory settings. The mobile device will reboot itself and if the hard reset worked, you can proceed with the initial setup of your Xiaomi.

Method 2: Restore Backup

Try this option if two main conditions are met:

  1. The phone is running custom recovers – TWRP or CWM.
  2. You have previously created a backup that is stored on a third-party storage device, e.g. a computer.

First, reset the smartphone to factory state using the above guide. Then connect to the PC and dump the backup file to the smartphone’s memory. In the custom recovery, we open the “Restore” option and use the built-in explorer to set the path to the backup. Confirm and wait for the backup to be restored. After starting up the phone goes to settings and prohibits further firmware updates.

Reflash new firmware on Xiaomi smartphone to fix boot loops and restarting issues
If you find that nothing works to make your phone work again, go for flashing the firmware!

Method 3: Reflashing

Universal method, which helps in 90% of cases if boot loop is caused by system failure. The most convenient way to install new firmware is via Fastboot. You need to unlock the bootloader, install MiFlash utility on your computer and download the appropriate version of the shell. Step-by-step instructions are to be found in a separate article. You can also flash the device via EDL or TWRP recovery.

Method 4: Seek help from the service experts

If all else fails, there’s only one thing to do – contact a service centre. The technicians will thoroughly check your device and find out the cause of the boot loop. If mechanical damage is the cause, you may need to have the parts replaced. We categorically advise against disassembling the device and repairing any parts yourself, especially if you are a novice.

Now you are aware of how to fix the problem with constant rebooting on Xiaomi. If you know any other ways to solve the problem – share in the comments.

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