Is it true that Apple employees use Android phones?

Apple employees in the U.S. are unionizing and using Android smartphones to protect themselves from surveillance. In this way they are trying to solve the issue of low wages. In this article, we tell you about all the details and understand how justified such a move is.

For several years now, two operating systems – iOS and Android – have prevailed on the market. Naturally, users are also divided into two large camps, where some quietly hate the others. Well, of course, it is understandable that employees of Google and other companies that produce Android smartphones used their smartphones, while Apple employees used exclusively iPhones in their work. However, we know of several cases where Apple was caught using a rival company’s technology, but the recent situation is more than just the use of Android.

Is it true that Apple employees use Android phones
We understand why Apple employees needed Android smartphones.

One of the most recent cases of Apple getting caught using Android was the case of a Twitter post, which was marked Sent from Twitter to Android. Funny, of course, but this situation is fundamentally different, for the problem is much more serious.

Apple Store Salesperson Salary

For months now, Apple employees have been trying to resolve the issue of their wages. Employees feel that their pay raises are not in line with the growth of the company’s overall profits, rising inflation, and home prices.

Interestingly, according to the Washington Post and other foreign publications that have spoken out on the subject, store employees’ salaries are holding steady at the regional average. But Apple’s capitalization is estimated at $3 trillion, it’s not good for them to be paid like mere mortals, right?

In the end, it came to the fact that employees of Apple Stores in the U.S. began to secretly organize into trade unions. Understandably, when things got this far, employees had a need for complete protection from surveillance by the company itself. The trump card up their sleeve was the Android smartphone, which employees use to avoid being tracked.

By joining unions, employees of retail stores in the U.S. decided to protect themselves from being tracked by their employers. To do this, they use encrypted chat messages and use Android smartphones.

Which is safer: Android or iOS?
I can’t believe in my life that Apple monitors employees’ personal smartphones. 
It is illegal.

Which is safer: Android or iOS?

First question. Why on earth would employees think Apple is tracking their smartphones? Of course, it’s hard not to trust the people who work there, because they seem to know how things work at the company. On the other hand, these are ordinary employees of simple stores. It’s unlikely they have access to serious data. Plus, it’s clear that all correspondence is not done via work smartphones.

Plus, tell me, why would retail store employees suddenly think Android is safer than iOS. For all my love of the green robot, reports of various vulnerabilities keep popping up in various sources, so the claim is highly questionable.

Many people probably know that Android is an open-source system, so any developer can easily take the source code and build their own operating system from it. Obviously, in this case, it will be easier to write a program to hack such a device.

On the other hand, previously we told you about the research of the Zerodium company, which specializes in different vulnerabilities and selling them to the relevant authorities. According to their statement, there have been significantly more security flaws in iOS lately, while things have gotten noticeably better on Android. So, if you use your smartphone wisely and don’t download stuff from the Internet, Android is much safer.

In general, we welcome new users of Android devices and hope that they will be able to reach a compromise, and then finally realize that the whole Apple story is nothing more than a scam. Friends, we are waiting for you in Google stores.

What do you think about it? Is it justified to get more just for the company name? Give your feedback in our Telegram chat or in the comments below. It’s wildly interesting to know what our readers think about this.

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