Have Fun Playing Mini Games on Lock Screen with Joy Locker

Being an Android fan, I used to search for new apps, games, and of course mods for my own devices. Just a day back, I found a new Lock Screen app called “Joy Locker”. Basically its screen locker but it comes with unique trick. Developed, and introduced by Global Animation Dev team on 17 February, it’s already been used my thousands of people right now.  So what makes it different from the rest? Well, this app works  just like what its sounds,”Joy”. Yes, you will get joy using this screen lock app.

It comes with pre-loaded mini games which can be played on your lock screen of the device. So, that means you can enjoy gaming even when your phone is locked. This is what makes Joy Locker so special. You’re not limited to few games, you can view, and download even more. Grab them through categories, collection gets updated frequently, and much more fun.

You can think of it as good time pass, no need to unlock the device or go anywhere else. Entertainment is just one click away from your. Apart, you can impress, and amaze your friends through it, and  to make them confuse to unlock the device. Also, you should enjoy darmowa kasa za rejestrację bez depozytu online games and have fun.

Joy Locker Overview

This app has been designed for Android 2.3 and up device. Requirements are very low, it just of 3.3 MB, and needed very low space to install. With it, you’ll be having unique, and very creative methods to unlock the device. No matter whether you love cartoons like Anime, Nature or want to put beauties on your screen, you’ll have having great range of min-games to select from.

As in current market, most of Android devices are from Samsung. So keeping this in mind, the developers of Joy Locker has optimized this app for Samsung devices.

With quick, and convenient function of sidebar, you can get anything you want easily, and relatively in fast way, and it’s quite power savings too. It is completely free to download, and yet no ads have been embedded inside of it.

A lock screen with min games is pretty cool rather a boring, simple, and somewhat beautiful screen. So have fun with amazing lock screen app, and stay connected with us for more future updates, and guides.

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