How to repair bricked Moto E with stock firmware

In previous post, we have shown you we can improve the battery life of Moto E using the simple script, and now we are back to easy to follow guide to repair it or simply to unbrick the Moto E using the stock firmware. Sometimes it happens that we try to do something new to our device to explorer more of it or to check the capability or to test something but instead of positive result we end up with bricked device. Smartphone like Moto E, affordability and hardware capability, both makes it a good device for testing and Android development purpose and so as the risk.

If you’ve just bricked your Moto E, or in case its not turning on, getting hang, you want to restore it to stock or want to re-lock it’s bootloader, then this post is going to help you for all that.

A Windows based PC with internet connectivity to download the desire files and USB cable to connect the phone to PC. Charge your phone to good extent, so it can survive the entire time when you’ll install the stock firmware on it. We recommend you to charge it at least 40%.


Download the stock firmware for your Moto E from here. After downloading this Zip file, extract it to desire location on your PC and remember the location.

How to unbrick Moto E using stock firmware

  1. Firstly, turn off your phone and wait for 5 – seconds.
  2. Now press and hold Volume Up and Down buttons at same time and press and hold Power button for 5 seconds.
  3. Now you’ll get to bootloader menu of Moto E, this is fastboot mode.
  4. Now, connect your Moto E through USB cable to your PC. Make sure to have installed proper drivers of Moto E. If you haven’t installed yet, download them from here and install.
  5. Now, get to the folder, where you’ve extracted the firmware file on your PC.
  6. Under this folder, you’ll see following .bat files,
    1. Remove unlock bootloader logo – run this .bat file to unlock the bootloader of your Moto E
    2. Restore & Relock Bootloader full wipe – run this .bat file re lock your device to original state
    3. Restore Firmware No Data Wipe – run this .bat file to restore your Mote E to stock without removing previous data
    4. Normal Stock Firmware Restore – run this script to restore your device completely (Most Recommended)
  7. As per your need, choose the desire .bat file from the folder and run it and it will perform the desire steps.

Congrats! You’ve just repaired your Moto E. Using the above simple steps, you can unlock the bootloader of Moto E, or re-lock it again, and restore it to working and stock state.

I hope this helps. If there’s anything I’ve missed or something else I can do to make this up to you, please do let me know.

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