How to Improve battery life of Moto E

Mote E, apart from being an affordable smartphone, it comes along with quite powerful hardware to pull up many apps and games, but as we know they all consume most of the battery power of phone. The Moto E is blessed with Non-removable Li-Ion 1980 mAh battery, which offers good battery back up, up to 16:38 hrs talk time and 8:42 hrs over web browsing and Video playback up to 6:31hrs. Definitely, these figures are good, even expensive smartphone don’t give these kind of battery back up.

However, we always seeks to get more from our device. And, of course we can expect more battery back up from Moto E through putting a script which will tune it for improved batter life in all expects.

If you’re looking to improve battery life of Mote E, then most probably, this guide will definitely help you to do it. Firstly, all credit goes to Alexblackhorse, who brought a script named Infinite Battery, through which one can extend the battery life of Moto E to measurable extent. To install this script, you don’t need to root your device or don’t have to be a technical geek, just with few steps, you’d be able to have improved battery life.

The script, Infinite Battery can be installed using SManager app, very simple to use and very power application to scripts and executables with one click. Download and install SManager app from here:

How to Improve battery life of Moto E using Infinite Battery Script

Follow the below steps to install this Infinite battery script on your Motorola Moto E.

  1. Download the Infinite Battery script from here and put it phone’s SD card directly.  Or you can visit the real thread for updated script over here.
  2. Install SManager as mentioned above as well.
  3. Now, open SManager
  4. Navigate to the Infinite battery script
  5. Select the script
  6. Click on Su and Boot Button
  7. Select Save
  8. Reboot your phone

Excellent! You’ve just installed the Infinite battery script on your Moto E. After rebooting, it might possible that it would take little longer time to boot for first time, please don’t worry it is normal.

Now, own experience the improved and better battery life of your Moto E. It would be great, if you share your experience with this script. It would definitely helps other know and install this script. Keep on visiting our website for more guides and tricks.

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