How to backup and restore EFS Partition on LG G2

FS partition is very important for the device. It contains the very important, and necessary information regarding to the device, such as IMEI number, data profile, radio settings, etc. If any of these is missing, then the device won’t work or that particular part will stop working. Once you lost the information stored under the EFS partition, then the only way to get them back it to take it the service center. It happens when user try to install third-party software or Rom on his device, and the whole process ends to bricked condition.

Also, EFS information is unique for each device, so you cannot borrow or ask someone to help you. We highly recommend to back up the EFS partition for the future purpose.

So, if you want to try new Roms, and other stuff on LG G2, then the safer way is to back up EFS Partition first, and then proceed further. In this guide, we’ve included both, backup and restore methods. The whole process is very simple, but it needed good attention while performing it. So lets start the process with important pre-requisites.


  • This guide, and attachments are only valid, and works with LG G2. It works with all variants for G2, so you don’t need to worry about the model number of your G2.
  • Even, the whole process with simple to follow, but if you don’t what you’re doing then don’t go any further. Let someone who has good knowledge about Android to do it for you.
  • Important – To backup EFS partition successfully, you must have a custom recovery installed on your device. If you haven’t installed yet, then first visit here to get it.
  • Backup the important information which is saved under the internal memory of the phone. Well, there is no risk, but for the complete safety, we recommend to do it. Go through our Android phone backup guide to make it  very simple.
  • Enable the USB Debugging on your device. It is necessary to enable it. Go to phone’s Settings->Developers Options->check the USB debugging box.
  • Charge the device to good extent. It should be able to be on until we finish the work.


  • Get the →ESF Partition Backup tool from here ( Put it to Phone’s External memory, and remember the name, and location of the file.

How to Backup EFS Partition on LG G2

  1. Download the →Quick boot app from here your device. Install it, and run it. Use it to boot into the Recovery mode.
  2. Under the Recovery mode, Choose the “Install” option, then browse your phone’s storage, and find the downloaded EFS backup tool file ( and install it.
  3. Wait until it get the job done. Once it done, the EFS Partition will be backed-up  in /sdcard/EFS_Backup/ location of your storage. So, you can use it to restore it backup. Backup file name will be, remember to copy it, and save it safe place outside the phone memory.

How to Restore EFS Partition on LG G2

To restore, boot in the recovery mode. Then this time, flash the backed-up file through the recovery option. It will automatically restore all EFS information to place where is should be place.

So this ends this guide here. If you’re looking for stock firmware, then go through our stock firmware for LG G2 post. The guide would let you restore the stock or simply original OS to it.

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