Enable USB Debugging on Samsung Galaxy Note 5 [Tutorial with Video]

Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is another flagship smartphone released very recently. Loaded with very latest hardware, very well designed, now Galaxy Note series has a new look, built with awesome display that beats iPhone’s display in terms of quality and of course flawless performance is promised. Also Check our post → Features of Galaxy Note 5 That Will Blow Your Mind.

If you’d like to enable USB Debugging option on Galaxy Note 5, this guide is what you need and we’ll help you to enable that option in a very simple method. USB Debugging option is quite necessary in many circumstances such as where you need to connect your device to PC for data transfers, also it is required while installing Rom, rooting or performing any act like these.

Here we’ll help you to first Enable Developer options on Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and then we’ll head to USB Debugging option and enable it. Let’s head to our tutorial first with Developer option,

Enable Developer options on Samsung Galaxy Note 5

  1. Open Settings> About>
  2. Under it you’ll see “Build number”
  3. Tap “Build number” seven times to enable Developer options.

You’ll get the message saying that now you are developer. That means you’ve successfully enabled the Developer options on this device. Now it is the time to go ahead and enable another option that we required.

Enable USB Debugging on Samsung Galaxy Note 5

  1. Go back to Settings menu and now you’ll be able to see “Developer options” there and tap it.
  2. There you’ll see “USB Debugging” option.
  3. Check the box and turn on “USB Debugging” from the menu on the next screen.

Also here is quick video tutorial, it just an example done on HTC tablet. You can simply follow this video tutorial to make this process more easier.

That’s you got to do! As you’ve enable USB debugging option on Galaxy Note 5, now you are free to connect your device as a mass storage device to your PC or install custom Rom on it.

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