Retro Games for Modern Gamers

You don’t need to look to the future for great games, as great games were also made in the past. So, you’ll need to go retro if you’re looking for new games to try and see why even though these games don’t look like much they’re fun to play to this day. In that regard, here are some retro titles:


This is a game from 2003, which means it doesn’t look that special, but the story packs a punch. You’ll get to visit the SW universe before the movies and see it in all its glory. You’ll create your character and complete missions on various planets. You’ll also be able to play some Pazaak in your local cantina.

Pazaak is a futuristic card game that resembles blackjack. This popular casino game is available on many online casino sites. For some, blackjack online can be fun, but these sites have some other slots and table games to offer. The main thing about them is to enjoy them responsibly.

In Knights of the Old Republic, you’ll either go to the light or the dark side of the Force. This will tilt the game in one direction or the other which will result in one of the 2 endings of the game. So, you’ll either beat the Sith or end up leading them. You can go either way as nothing is stopping you, but each choice will have its consequences. So, pick carefully.

Assassin’s Creed II

Sometimes a game comes out and changes gaming forever. It’s a game that utilizes the story, gameplay, mechanics, and visuals of the time perfectly and ends up being a game enjoyed for generations. Assassin’s Creed II is one such game, and it was released in 2009. You’ll get a carefree protagonist by the name of Ezio Auditore and he will mold into an Assassin because fate conspired against him, or at least the Templars did.

After your father and brothers are framed and murdered, you take up the mantle of the Assassins and murder the man who framed them and take your first step into the secret world of Assassins and Templars. The game is set in Italy during the Renaissance and you’ll get to meet Leonardo Da Vince as well as climb every building in the various cities it takes place in. This is a must-play retro game for any gamer as there’s no other game like it.

Age of Empires III

Unlike the previous 2 games, this one is a strategy title. You’ll get to play with various civilizations during the Colonial Age. You’ll get to play a campaign if you want to, or you can play against bots on the various maps of the game. With Age of Empires III, you’ll get to feel like a commander of your forces as you build your army and society as well as ways to sustain them. If you’re looking for more retro strategy titles then you can check out the games that came out before this one. They’re also good strategy games, although they came out a while ago.

Batman Arkham Asylum

You might as well call this game an old one as it’s been around since 2009. This is the first game in the Arkham saga and it starts out with Batman brining Joker to the asylum. Once you do, you’ll realize that he’s planned this all along and all hell breaks loose one you bring him inside.

Naturally, you’ll step into Batman’s shoes to safe the innocents from harm. But you’ll have to deal with a host of villains against you. In Arkham Asylum you’ll get to take on Scarecrow as you face your fears as well as Killer Croc, and a bunch of other villains and goons. You’ll get to upgrade your gear as you’re closing in on Joker. Bane will also make an appearance and his serum will be vital to the Joker, and you’ll find out why.

The visuals hold pretty good when compared to today’s titles which is why you’ll find this to be a fun game. If you ever wanted to be Batman with all the cool gadgets and skills he has, then Batman Arkham Asylum is the retro title you should go for.

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