Slazzer’s API Can Be Integrated Anywhere

Slazzer is a web-based tool that automatically removes the background of an image. There is no need for you to put in efforts to select the image foreground and background in order to separate them. You can visit Slazzer.com for completely free previews.

Slazzer uses AI/ML algorithms and advanced computer vision to separate the background from the foreground. The final result is a flawless image thanks to all the algorithms of this web tool that keep the little details in mind.

This web tool is 100% free of cost. You can easily edit images less than 0.25 MP for your own use. In order to edit images with a higher resolution (up to 25 MB) for commercial purposes, you must get the premium plan. There are many yearly plans to choose from. Also, there is an app for different operating systems namely Windows, Mac and Linux.

Slazzer.com and its API

Slazzer.com has its own Image background removal API which can be integrated wherever required.

An API or Application Programming Interface basically allows access to resources whilst keeping the security and control intact. Slazzer has its own API that can be integrated with your website’s or app’s background removal. The API is simple and has several options. The Slazzer auto background removal API will successfully remove the background of images with simply one API call.

Slazzer’s REST API is a trustworthy building block for 3rd party applications. Integration becomes fast and easy with advanced image processing and design workflows together in a simple interface.

Using the HTTP interface, the API can be integrated in a lot of environments.

Everything about Slazzer’s API can be found in the official website of the tool.

How Slazzer works?

Being AI–backed, the web tool identifies the foreground and removes the rest in the image. This has been tested with images that have people, animals, cars or products as the foreground which happen to be the main part of the image.

The image to be edited can be uploaded to web tool easily but must have a minimum of one person, product, animal, or car in it. It must be noted that Slazzer supports PNG and JPG formats up to 25 MP resolution [4k full HD resolution]. Anything beyond that would be resized automatically.

You can get up to 1000 images edited just by dragging and dropping them. The background of every image would be removed automatically by the editor in a split-second.

There is something called an image credit that you need to have to be able to edit images on Slazzer. 1 credit is required to remove the background of one image. Having credits gives you HD quality, full-resolution images. A full-resolution image is of 25 MP [4k full HD resolution] which the maximum that is supported by this editor.

What premium plans does Slazzer offer?

There are several different plans to choose from to purchase image credits. It starts with $14.12 for 100 credits and goes up to $1,999.00 for 50000 credits. You can purchase the plan as per your needs. If you are a professional, this web tool is going to make your life easier.

What’s more is that in case you have not used all the credits and your plan is about to expire, you can buy another plan before the date of expiry of your current plan and the unused credits will get carried forward. This way, your hard-earned money will not get wasted. Slazzer’s plans are complete value for money.

What makes Slazzer the most sought-after background removing editor?

Saves time and effort

What used to take a really long time can now be done instantly. You can get the background of your images removed in a single go. It saves time and makes you focus on the other facets of editing part from background removal.

Also, lesser the screen time, lesser the strain on your eyes. You can get almost all kinds of images edited with Slazzer no matter whether they are selfies, portraits or photos of products.

Gives a Professional look

The images get a professional finish and are of high quality when edited using Slazzer’s editor.  This makes the images perfect for posting on social media platforms for personal use or for promotion. Similarly, the images can be used for emails and posters.

You can do it on your own and thus you won’t have to hire a professional photo editor and pay a fat cheque. 

No expertise required

To use Slazzer, you need not possess any special qualification. You can be a layman and still use this tool. It is so user-friendly that you won’t have absolutely any problem while using it.

The Bottom Line

Slazzer is a great background-removing web tool with many features. It has its own API which can be integrated wherever needed. The auto background removal API of Slazzer can remove image backgrounds with just one API call.

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