The Best Summer 2023 Games to Play on Android

Summer is the time of year for getting out in the sunshine. The good thing about the modern age though is that this can be combined with gaming.

Most people have a mobile phone and they allow you to enjoy the best new games from wherever you happen to be. The majority of phone users have Android devices, as it remains the most popular and common operating system.

That means gaming on Android devices is extremely popular too and there are really outstanding games created for them each year. Keep reading to find out what we rate as the best Android games to have on your phone this summer.

Pokémon GO

It might seem odd to start with a game that was released seven years ago, but the fact is that Pokémon GO is probably still the best augmented reality title on the market. It has also taken most of those seven years to make it into a stable experience for players, by eliminating the bugs that sometimes made play frustrating.

Plus the basic game-play is all about going outside and exploring in real locations to find Pokémon, which makes it a great game to play with friends on a sunny summer’s day. Pokémon GO has shown staying power, despite glitches, and now is a better time to play it than 2016.

Catch a Wave

Picking just one out of the many fantastic slots for Android is really difficult, but the surfing theme of Catch a Wave is definitely summer-friendly. Just those graphics of cool blue waves will be a welcome relief from the heat!

The game itself is one of the top new slots among fans of casino games, due to features like Tsunami Reels. This has the potential to activate no less than 59,049 pay lines per spin, giving you thousands of ways to win.

There is also a Free Spins Bonus that can trigger multipliers, making for a bumper payout. The slot can be played for just $0.20 per pay line too, so there is nothing to stop you from catching a wave this summer.

Rainbow Six Mobile

This is the mobile version of the successful first-person shooter game Rainbow Six Siege and it is definitely set to be one of the hottest Android titles of summer 2023. The excitement is building based on the two beta test cycles and the word is that it delivers action in spades that is perfectly optimized for mobile screens.

Like its PC predecessor, Rainbow Six Mobile is a hero shooter game in a 5×5 format and it allows for strategic multi-player gaming. That tactical aspect to the play gives it the edge in a crowded action game market and means the mobile version should be one of the smash hits of the season for gamers with an Android phone.

Among Us

The sheer number of Android gamers out there means that the market is flooded with games each year, many of which are not worth your time or your money. Therefore really good quality games tend to stay at the top of the pile for a long time and the best ones are often not the newest.

Among Us has been around for Android phones since 2020 but it is still one of the finest action games for this OS. It is a neat slice of paranoia that is set in deep space.

You and other players are astronauts who have to carry out vital repairs to your spacecraft. All the while, you are being targeted by a saboteur who is slowly killing the crew one by one.

The point of the game is to work out who this bad guy is and stop them using a combination of deductive ability and brute force. It is a sophisticated game that is as much about psychology as action and that has made it a stand out choice again this summer.

Crossy Road

The complex universe of a game like Among Us is fine, but sometimes all you want is something stupid and funny to amuse you on a hot summer day. Crossy Road is a game that provides just that sort of dumb fun.

Have you ever wondered what a game based on the old ‘why did the chicken cross the road?’ joke would look like? Well stop wondering because it looks like Crossy Road.

It has memorable voxel graphics and it will be hard for anyone to avoid a giggle at the sight of the chickens. The goal is to guide them through some heavy traffic by swiping your phone screen.

This simple but addictive idea has made it a summer smash among Android gamers.

These are the five games that you need on your Android phone this summer.

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