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Few of the Android app developers have some tricks to design the modification tools for certain MOBAs. Since it is a relief for junior players, they try to get these apps with surety. The votary of Garena Free Fire should taste Tool Skin VIP application owing a couple of new objects. It focuses on the alteration of optics without any side effects and has similarities with the Tool Skin to a great extent. Customize the battle game in the genuine sense.

By all means, the graphics & in-game items of the FF are exceptional, both in looks and functions. Mobile gamers love it due to the variety of warriors, their skins, and weapons in it. At the time of its emergence, there were not many players of the FF game. Over time, it spread throughout the world. Currently, it has millions of active users just in South Asia. In this region, gamers don’t have the capacity to buy gaming diamonds because of hardship.

Luckily, they have a second route, like Tool Skin Mod, to reach the paid features free of the fighting arena. As the name suggests, it’s a modified or improved version of the previous copy. Here, you get outstanding outfits for favorite characters without breaking the bank. When you jump from the plane, the parachute has a fixed color, but it’s changeable with different options. Feel the advantage after its replacement. The remaining dresses of heroes, e.g., masks, hats, etc., are also customizable.

On the go, replace the front or epidermis of the fighting guns as it causes a refinement for better results. Before further explanation, we should summarize all the functions to estimate the power of this mod app.

Features of Tool Skin VIP app:

  • Costumes of the heroes
  • New skins for armaments
  • Renew the parachute look
  • The main background is also in your control.
  • Backpack skins
  • Several emotes
  • Adjust the appearance of all outfits, including masks, hats, and others.

To continue the description, consider the background of the gameplay. This mod version is offering high priced background images to refashion the surroundings. It needs permissions to store the data in your phone memory. Additionally, this package includes emotes, helpful to describe your thoughts during the fight. Even a Backpack feature is an extra point for you if you want to avail something more. Overall, the tool is full of positive amendments at zero cost.

Additional Attributes

  • Advanced qualities
  • A handy tool for FF
  • No ads, no root requirements
  • Login password required
  • Anti-ban, Simple UI
  • Bugs fixed

How can I Use Tool Skin Vip?

Have you used its first version? If yes, then nothing is new in the mod copy. Even if you don’t know the process, still no problem. For your ease, the next sentences have covered the guidelines.

  1. You have to own the latest copy from the given link.
  2. Installation needs a little time.
  3. Click on the installed file and write the login password.

Login Code:

  1. Now, you are ready to inject any of the available cheats.
  2. Select from the menu and then go to the FF game.

We also clear that you should not worry about its safety. It has been a trusted app for Free Fire lovers since the time of its creation. They didn’t face any issues as it always offered an unbreakable security system.


Latest tools are better than previous files as it works effectively. That is why you should replace the old version with Tool Skin Mod. it costs nothing but gives you various comforts. As we always recommend, never overuse any hacking tool just for your account safety. Hence, never ignore this advice.

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