How to Use the Unlocked HTC 10 on Verizon Wireless

use unlocked htc 10 on verizonIf you try to use unlocked HTC 10 with Verizon SIM, you’ll be disappointed to know that it doesn’t work with it. Through unlocking brings new opportunities to use most of Android devices in more convenience, but if you’ve carrier specific device than it will limit you from using their service too. For HTC users, it won’t be such a big surprise or new news, however, there’s still a way through which one can easily make this device, Unlocked HTC 10 to work with the Verizon Wireless network too, you’ll be able to use their all the service without any limitation or problem. And it is surely worth trying, since you’ve unlocked device, it should be able to work with it, that would true meaning of unlocked device.

Thanks to XDA folks who brought a fabulous method that makes HTC 10 to work Verizon SIM even when it is unlocked. However, it requires some prerequisites to achieve that success and use this handset normally in unlocked condition.

If you have unlocked HTC 10 and would like to make it work properly with Verizon, then this would be the most ideal method to go with and achieve that. In order to get started, their following prerequisites or could say, mandatory things that you’ll need,


1. Your handset should be rooted. Nowadays, rooting is somewhat very common in Android users as it could help it device more appropriately and of course, it does very well in term of productivity too.

Rooting HTC 10 is not that much tough, even an ordinary user could easily do. The resource is given below.

2. Also, you need an S-OFF, that simply means to turn off security layer that has been implemented by HTC and once it has been disabled, i.e S-OFF, you’d be able to modify any partition of the device and they will remain same even if after you reboot the device.

Before you proceed, you should know that these things could make your device run unexpectedly and it will void manufacture terms and conditions too. If you’re comfortable, proceed.

Follow these instructions here to root and S-OFF HTC 10.

How to do?

Once you’ve achieved root and S-OFF on HTC 10, it is said that you’ll be able use it with Verizon if you follow below instructions given here.

If you’ve been with Adb tools, it surely comes very handy to you. If not, it’s not that much harder to use it. You’ll just need to boot into Bootloader mode and then flash radio.img file through Adb tool.

  1. Download the required radio.img(vzw_pme_radio.img) file from here.
  2. Flash this file with instructions mentioned here.

Now you’ll need to Put active Verizon SIM into your device and restart it.

Once it has turned on, get to phone dailer and dial followings to bring secret menu:


That’s all. See now you’ll be able access all the Verizon’s services such as Texts, calls and data. If you think it is not working, restart the handset. It should be working now.

That’s surely a collaborative effort from XDA folks and brought this method, big thanks to them. If you ever need to use unlocked HTC 10 device with Verizon then this the best way you can get it done!

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