Vidyard Alternatives Which Provide Faster Service And Better Quality

When it comes to private video upload and live streaming services, a lot of people look for good video hosting software. Although there are multiple options available in the market, what’s difficult is finding out whether or not the software you choose is right for you.

Here we are sharing the top 3 video hosting software alternatives to Vinyard which provide both faster service and better quality –

1. Hippo Video

As one of the best Vidyard alternatives, Hippo Video is the leading video engagement platform for B2B sales teams. It is the first cloud-based DIY video personalization platform that allows you to send personalized video campaigns, manage sales workflows, and track them to close your sales effectively.

The platform provides marketing teams with the capability to effectively promote brand awareness, communicate the value of their products/ services, and gain more customers by creating, editing, and sharing customizable video content online.

What makes Hippo Video a great alternative to Vineyard?

Here are the main highlights of Hippo Video –

– Allows You To Create Awesome Videos With Minimum Hassle

Hippo Video makes the entire process of creating great videos effortless and straightforward. The platform enables users to produce various kinds of videos, including resume video through webcam recording, audio recording, and screen capture. Further, you can also create videos from the images you have uploaded to the platform or selected from Hippo Video’s own image library.

– Create Videos Directly Within Your Favorite Tools

The platform is designed in a way that it can be easily integrated with other tools such as Salesforce, Freshdesk, Gmail, Zendesk, Slack, and Trello. The feature allows users to create videos directly within the tools and applications they use on a day-to-day basis.

– Supports Advanced Video Editing

Another highlight of Hippo Video is that it supports advanced video editing tasks such as recording narrations and adding them to videos. These are tasks that are generally performed by professional video editors. The platform also allows you to configure video clip settings to adjust values for opacity, width, volume, and more.

– Promote Brand Awareness Through Video Player Customization

Making the job of sales and marketing teams much easier, Hippo Video applies different techniques for promoting brand awareness, such as customizing the video player. Using this technique, users can customize their video player by choosing a theme, adding their own logo, thumbnails, and call-to-actions.

– Video Collaboration feature

Hippo Video is a unique video marketing platform that permits users to store all their videos in a secure cloud environment. This makes it much simpler for them to collaborate on videos where members can access the video content they need based on the roles and permissions assigned to them.

– Share And Distribute Your Video Content Online

Hippo Video makes it effortless to share and distribute your videos online. One of the ways to do this is by generating a video link that you can either post on social networking sites or send via email. You can also upload your videos to video platforms like YouTube, Google Suite, and Vimeo or embed your video onto a website, webpage, or application.

– Spark Video Engagement

Video engagement is another robust feature of Hippo Video. The feature assists users in making sure that viewers are able to interact with video content and enjoy ways to share if they like what they are watching. Once shared on various social media platforms, users can respond back to spark interactions.

All in all, Hippo video is an excellent tool for both personal and business use. You can either use it for personal use to make screen records and create video resumes or use it to make engaging videos for sales development. Featuring an intuitive UI/UX, the platform has a very future rich software with several highlights such as screen recording, video editing, and video hosting.

2. StoryTap

StoryTap is another alternative to Vidyard that helps businesses capture, manage, and share their customer experience videos of products and services. The platform allows you to record reviews, suggestions, feedback, and more, using engaging videos and also distribute them across a variety of online channels, including YouTube, Google, and other websites.

StoryTap makes it simpler for big brands to automatically collect on-brand video stories at scale to drive engagement, awareness, and conversions.

Other features of StoryTap include –

  • Capture video stories from just anywhere with wifi tablet/smartphone or using a webcam
  • The platform requires no special software or apps
  • Allows you to direct the story for the customer with built-in story prompts
  • Features video performance review and data

3. Wistia

As one of the great Vidyard alternatives, Wistia offers innovative video marketing software that enables enterprises to create engaging viewing experiences on their sites and also gives them the tools to find, engage and grow an entire community of brand advocates.

Wistia is essentially an advanced online provider of professional video hosting services for businesses. As a dedicated business-oriented service, it helps businesses simplify services and track marketing performance through its built-in analytics and video marketing tools.

Other features of Wistia include –

  • Advanced analytics including engagement and identity tracking
  • Video metadata management
  • Bulk management and batch upload settings
  • Advanced HTML5 video player and delivery, with Flash fallback
  • Allows you to organize video content into playlists
  • Option to customize the video player with templates and widgets
  • Video security features including password protection

To Wrap

If you have been looking for Vidyard alternatives, Hippo Video is the best choice that allows you to create personalized sales/support videos. There are a number of other things you can do with the platform, including attaching them to your email messages and sending them as cold emails or using them to send your team members instructions for the project that you’re stuck on.

Apart from business usage, you can use the platform for personal usage, including screen recording sessions, recording webcams, and also to create video resumes. The best part is the variety of plans and packages offered by the platform for different use cases focusing on marketing, sales, and support.

Overall, Hippo Video is an amazing tool and a great alternative to Vidyard that offers tons of integrations and instant upload to Google Drive, Youtube, and Gmail.

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