WhatsApp And The Change That Could Put Many Users In Trouble

The new feature is already operating on some mobile devices. WhatsApp has been rolling out a series of features and updates to its mobile apps, some of which arrive almost unnoticed by the user. Recently, the Meta-owned company unveiled a feature that some users believe will make their lives easier when receiving messages, while others believe it could put them in a bind: profile pictures in notifications.

Specialist media outlet WABetaInfo has discovered that some users of the beta version of WhatsApp on iOS 15 now have this new feature available. The system’s notifications now include the profile pictures of users who send a message via a private or group chat.

So, if a person has an iPhone with iOS 15 and the WhatsApp beta installed and has not yet received this new feature, it would be a matter of days before this feature is activated. However, as this is a feature in development, it may not yet work properly and the user will have to wait for future updates.

WhatsApp Plus: these are the latest options

WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging applications in the world, and although the WhatsApp Plus update is not authorised, it has been downloaded by thousands of users who want to add a touch of personality to their chats.

For 2022 WhatsApp Plus is still valid and has reached its version 18.90.0 with new features that, according to the web portal of technology available to all The Computer Group, the development of this alternative messaging application is very fast and, therefore, every week has something that changes, even if only minimally.

The first new feature of the year in this WhatsApp Plus mode for Android is the option of a new filter for statuses.

As in social networks such as Instagram, this application has the option to upload status in stories, so the option to take a photo with an automatic filter will be a differentiating plus.

On the other hand, WhatsApp Plus has several errors compared to the official version, owned by Meta, as it can happen that chats are not sent or some interactions fail. However, in the quest to improve the user experience, several of these flaws will be left behind, according to the technology portal.

Another of the data shared has to do with the last part of the application’s name, Plus, as it is estimated that it will be catalogued as WhatsApp Plus 2022, a version launched on 30 December 2021 and which has begun to acquire a large number of new users.

The software extension that modifies the original version of WhatsApp is not available in the Android app shop, so people who already have the plus version will automatically update, but those who want to try this option must install an APK (used to download packages) external to Google Play on Android.

It is important to stress that using unofficial applications can cause the user to temporarily or permanently lose their account, warns The Computer Group. WhatsApp’s current policy mentions that the use of third-party software is not allowed, however, WhatsApp Plus has been around for a long time and is still running as a third-party developer of the official app.

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