Why You Should Consider Android Auto over An Old Car Stereo

Entertainment is a crucial element in your car. It feels boring when your car is silent throughout your journey. Sometimes, your get on a distractive thoughts that are a threat to safe driving. The best way to break this boredom is installing a stereo system in your car. Most cars come with an inbuilt stereo system. If yours does not have one, you have an opportunity to install it.

However, when you go to shop for a car stereo, the sell will offer you two choice; either to consider the usual one or opt for android auto. Such a question can be challenging for first timers. You do not know which the best option is. If you are planning to install a car audio system, you should consider an android auto over the old stereo system. Here is why:

You get personalized entertainment

Do you love music? Certainly, everyone enjoys listening to some music beats while on the road. Music makes your trip an amazing experience. But it would be also boring when you have to listen to the same set of music or programs from the local radio. This is what the old car stereo system offers. You have no control or ability to personalize your entertainment.

Android auto changes this norm. It hands you the power to personalize entertainment. The app opens access to third party apps such as YouTube Music, Spotify, Amazon Music, Boomplay, and others. These apps allows you to personalize the songs you want to have in your playlist. Also, it supports podcasts and audiobook apps.

With these alternatives, you have the freedom to determine what to play and listen to while on the road. You no longer have to stick on the local radio stations or play CDs in your vehicle. So, search car stereos with android auto to get the power to control and personalize your entertainment options.    

Reduced distractions

The major cause of accidents in many American roads is distraction. This happens when the drivers get their hands off the steering to check on their phones. Maybe a message popped up. Someone is calling or want to check their direction. All these lead to loss of control and increase accident chances.

With an android auto, you have a mirror of your phone screen on the dashboard. You can access your important apps without checking your phone. You don’t have to leave the steering to text or view a notification. The app supports voice notifications and replies. This means you have real-time communications without distractions.

In other words, the dashboard becomes your second phone screen allowing you to keep your eyes on the road and the hands on the steering. This way, you reduce distractions while enjoying everything the old car stereo system has to offer.

Easy navigation

Navigation is essential in modern decade. You need real-time information on the direction you are following. You want to know whether it has heavy traffic or other issues. Though the car stereo systems comes with a navigation function, it does not offer real-time information. The function only guides you to your destination. You cannot tell what is ahead.

An android auto does more than offering direction. The app supports navigation functions such as Google Maps and Waze. These apps offer information on your direction. They can suggest an alternative route to your destination in case of have traffic on the way you are following. So, you can easy navigate your direction which is not the case with the old car stereo system.

You have hands-free calling

From time to time, you will need to make a call while on the road trip. Maybe you want to know whether the person you are meeting is available. Also, your kin or friends might check up on you. A business partner may like to know the progress of your deal. All these aspects are essential.

Sometimes, picking calls can be distractive and lead to accidents or getting a speeding ticket by losing control while driving. Trying to find your phone when someone is calling shifts your eyes and hands from the road. The good thing is that you can avoid this by considering an android auto over an old car stereo system.

The android auto supports calling option. This means you can receive and make calls right from your car dashboard. You do not need to pick your phone while on the road but you will communicate with anyone via it. This way, you have hands-free calling and safe journey.

As you can see, android auto has many benefits over the old car stereo. It supports extra functionalities and hands power to determine the trip experience. So, it is worthy considering it. 

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