Xnspy Facebook Spy Software Review is an interesting application for the Android users. Monitoring software has been on the market for a few years now but only a few have established themselves as reliable for Android phones as Xnspy. If you anything worry about the content that your children using/seeing, then you must go on, and read this review about his interesting application. Let’s see how Xnspy fares in our review.

Compatibility: Android operating system offers variability in its compatibility with different mobile brands. Those brands that only use the stock Android software and have their own interface integrated into it makes it difficult for any developer to make the app 100% compatible with all the brands. Especially when it comes to the monitoring software, their compatibility with different brands have not been consistent.

Xnspy claims that it is compatible with all the brands available in the market. They have a separate section on their website for checking the cell phone’s compatibility.

Another compatibility issue is the Android versions supported by the app. Android releases a new update every year which makes it difficult for the developers to upgrade their apps. As a result, most of the apps are out of the race. Xnspy has the compatibility for the latest Android Oreo 8.0 that only a few in the market would offer. But at the same time, it supports all the previous versions of the Android.

Finally, it is not mandatory to root your Android phone for using Xnspy Facebook spy software, unlike its competitors.


Installing the app is not a problem. Since it does not involve any rooting before any installation, so setting it up will not be a problem. Before you install, visit their website and subscribe to the app first. An email will be sent to you containing a download link, account credentials, and some instructions.

You need access to the target phone once for installing the app. Login to your email account and use the download link sent earlier to download the app on the target Android phone. Make sure the internet is turned on. After the app is downloaded, install it on the phone. It will not take more than a few minutes to install the app. The whole process ends in 10mis. The size of the app is also small and it would not need a lot of storage space. After the installation, the app disappears in the target phone.

How does Facebook spying application work?

There are two ways to access your Xnspy account. One way is to use their online portal, just log in using your account credentials and it will take you to your ‘Dashboard’. The other way is to download a utility app from the Google Play Store.

The dashboard is the powerhouse from where you can control everything about the app. After logging in, the app directs you to the main dashboard where you will see all the information about your account and the monitoring. The dashboard is compact and houses all the important data. Every action is just one click away. This makes operating the account remotely not only convenient but also effective. You can easily toggle between different features on the dashboard. But the interface colors may sound a little boring to the user.


There are many features to offer but we will mention one here:

  • Location monitoring: One of the flagship features of the app is its comprehensive location monitoring tools. There are many ways you can find the location of the person using Xnspy.
  • One way is to check the real-time location of the person. The app will give love location information of the monitored phone if the internet is enabled on it.
  • But what if the internet is not enabled? The other way would be that Xnspy will keep recording the location until the internet is turned on. Once the internet is turned on, all the information about the location will be uploaded to the account. So you can see which places the person visited during that time.
  • What if you do not want to go through every single location detail? Well, there is a third way you can check specific locations only using Xnspy’s geo-fencing feature. You can add certain locations in that you want to monitor and the app will notify you if the person leaves or enters the location.

Besides location, there are many other features that will give you internet browsing, social media messaging, and calls information. The app has around 30 features in its vault.


Considering everything the Xnspy Facebook spy software offers, the price is still competitive. It is quite affordable if you can start using the app by paying as low as $8.33 per month. Currently, the app has two packages to offer; Basic and Premium. The packages differ in the number of features. If you are looking for basic monitoring then go for the Basic package, but if you like to go advanced then Premium is just right for you.

The Good

  • Compatibility with Oreo and no root fuss
  • The app is affordable

The Bad

  • The interface could have been more interactive
  • There is no trial version


Xnspy is a fully compatible monitoring app for Android. Those who complain about certain apps that are not compatible with their phones should give it a try. That should help you to get extra-ordinary information about the content being seen, and used. We highly recommend you to try this application, and must share your experiences with us.

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