How to unbrick LG G2 with stock firmware

Unbrick lg g2Usually we got bricked our device after doing some experiments or installing new firmware, mostly probably the unofficial or developed by third parties. In that case, to get back our device to working state, install the stock firmware over it is ideally best options, as its restore the device to original state. Launched in August 2013, LG G2 is being a good choice for high-end smart phone seekers. The device has been built with solid high-end configuration, with sleek look, and of course a good brand is behind it.

Currently, LG G2 is not so popular in Android developers but still there are many Roms, and mods are available to apply on it. But installing anything which is not officially released or distributed by Mobile Manufactures, is somewhat dangerous. It can damage the device to extreme levels, and can get hard bricked. If you have bricked your LG G2 smart phone, then use this guide to make it work again. In this post, we are presenting the stock firmware for almost all models of G2, with installation guide.

Installing stock firmware is ideally a best way to proceed if you’re suffering from problems such as, bricked condition where phone is not booting up or not responding, stuck to boot screen, to simply un-root the device, and to remove the installed custom Rom. The best is that, it is completely safe to proceed because it is an official stock firmware. So let’s get started repairing the device.


This stock is developed for below listed models for LG G2 smart phone. So you must first check the model number of your device under, phone’s Settings->About->Model. If must be from one of below listed:

  • LG G2 D802
  • LG G2 D805 (Brazil, Mexico, Panama)
  • AT&T G2 D800
  • T-Mobile G2 D801
  • Sprint G2 LS980
  • Verizon G2 VS980
  • Korean LG G2 F320K
  • Korean LG G2 F320L
  • Korean G2 (SKT) F320S

You need a windows based PC with internet connectivity to download the firmware, and flashing tool. Supported windows are, Windows XP, 7 and 8.


→ Get the official stock firmware for your LG G2 model from below list. Remember, download the .tot/.kdz file or a .Zip file if applicable. If downloaded the zip file, then you need to extract it to get .kdz /.tot file.

→ Get the B2CAppSetup.exe file from here, and install it on your PC. Basically it is a LG Mobile Support Tool.

→ Get the Flashing Tool from here (FlashTool.1.0.54.rar). Extract the file to your PC, under it you’ll get a file named “UpTestEX.exe“, remember it.

How to install Stock firmware on LG G2

  • Download the desire firmware on PC depending on your model number of your device.
  • Now turn off the device, and wait for 5-7 seconds.
  • Turn on the device into recovery mode by pressing and holding Volume Up Key and then plug the USB cable. Connect it to PC.
  • From extracted FlashTool.1.0.54 folder, Run the UpTestEx.exe file. A new program window will appear PC.
  • Once you launched the program, click on the “Select Type”, then pick the 3GQCT from the list.
  • Click on “Phone Mode”, then select the “DIAG” from the list.
  • Under “Select Kdz file”, find and locate the downloaded firmware file.
  • Under test with CSMG Client, click the Normal web upgrade test. Then you’ll see a new Read Phone Information test button.
  • Now click on Upgrade Start button, a new pop-up will appear which will ask you to select country & Language.
  • Select “Republic of Korea” as country and “English” as language to proceed.
  • Then press “OK” to proceed to installation process. Wait until the process gets completed. Once it get done, your phone will boot up itself. Now you can unplug the device from PC.
  • Now again, turn off the device, and turn it on by pressing and holding Volume Down+Power till it gets on. This step will factory reset the device.

Now your phone will boot up to home screen. Then enter your Google Account settings to get started with it.


  1. Derek

    So… what if I can’t get the phone to turn on at all? I tried the volume up plug in method, and it’s not that my phone is boot looping or anything, it just doesn’t turn on at all, or respond to anything. It just vibrates when I hold the power button down and then nothing happens. :(


    • Deepak Gupta

      Derek, try to pull out the battery, then re-insert it. Don’t turn on your phone, instead put it to charge. See if battery icons appear at screen. It might possible that, battery is low and not enough to start it.


      • Jacques

        You can’t pull out the battery. the phone has a unibody.


        • Deepak Gupta

          Oh! I forget that. Thank you for reminding me that. Directly put it charger, and see if anything happens.


  2. Zade

    when i try this method i am having a problem when i get to the lg user support window it does not do anything once it opens and it doesn’t give the option for republic of Korea unless i go into the options myself


    • JK

      I have the same problem. Did you find a solution?


      • McD

        Had this same problem with my Verizon LG G2.
        Here’s how I solved the issue. When the LG support tool box opened it did not have the country or language option. I used the options tab to go to update recovery. Another box opens & you can enter the phones info (model, serial or imei). When I entered this info manually & clicked ok, the download process started automatically. Within 10 minutes my phone was restored to stock firmware. Also, in my situation, I did not need to do a factory reset … everything was just as when I first purchased the phone. Hope this is a help to somebody out there ?



  3. Xhulshun

    I have the same problem, but Its hard to know which .kdz file to download from the D802 list… :( I chose the Europe open D802 10a which i thing might be the right one, but if anyone can help here, plz reply


  4. Nikhil

    If you have the AT&T version of the LG G2 D800, this approach will not work because the only file available is .tot not .kdz; and this software only flashes kdz files


  5. Averine

    I got into download mode and installed stock ROM using LG Flash Tool, but after installation my lg g2 shows unfortunately has stopped. I’m not able to do anything on the phone since the message pops up again and again even if I press ok. And the ROM is still the old one. Can’t select anything on the phone.

    Please help.


  6. Koran

    Can you put up a new link to the flash tool?


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