5 Best Mobile App Testing Tools

The mobile app testing method is based on the utilization of various modern tools. There are many ways and low-cost means for testing mobile apps you can utilize to implement your mobile app testing strategies.

Since so many apps are available, it’s crucial to use some automated testing to get your app in operation as quickly as possible to begin earning revenues. With so many testing tools, you may ask which ones are the best for mobile apps? Here are 5 of the best mobile app testing tools today!


TestGrid offers users the chance to manually and automatically test their mobile applications on real devices on cloud and on-premises.

TestGrid is a mobile application testing platform gaining some positive  traction lately. The platform  allows you to build and run automated test cases on real devices. You are no more bugging your users for device access! You can also run performance, security, and compliance tests on applications with little to no effort.


  • Mobile app automation testing that is scriptless can create downloadable Appium or XCUITest software.
  • AI-powered no-code automation
  • Tests of performance can aid in optimizing and improving your application
  • Reuse is already written test cases on multiple apps.
  • Test in parallel for speedier test execution, and then go to the market to launch
  • Integrate with your preferred software to ensure continuous testing


Kobiton is a cloud-based, API-driven testing platform that allows enterprises to test mobile apps on real devices in multiple locations globally. The service will enable companies to access hardware and software in the cloud, giving developers access to a virtual QA lab to deploy, test, and monitor mobile apps.

It’s compatible with Android and iOS devices running various versions of each OS. Kobiton also has APIs for integrating its services into existing development environments.


  • The most up-to-date cloud-based devices and configurations
  • Centralized test history and data logs to facilitate improved collaboration
  • Internal Device Lab Management to make use of internal devices more efficiently
  • Kobiton Support Appium 1.6.4
  • User experience simplified to speed up tests
  • Simple to try with a free trial without a credit card needed

Katalon Studio

This tool offers a range of benefits for those looking to improve their manual mobile testing efforts. Experts developed the platform in automation, and it’s designed to provide accurate, automated testing via virtual devices. It’s also intuitive and easy to learn.

The tool also supports Agile frameworks and can handle multiple automation languages through its single interface. Katalon Studio is cloud-based, so there are no software downloads or installations necessary on your end; all you need is a good computer and Internet connection.


  • Easy setup and easy test creation with record and playback keywords and images.
  • Test locally and remotely using authentic devices, simulators, or a custom device that runs on the cloud (Sauces Lab, Kobiton, Perfecto, Lambda Test, etc.)
  • Flexible test reusability on APIs, mobile platforms, and the Web.
  • Make maintenance easier by incorporating integration with widely used tools for managing projects (Jira, Git, Jenkins, etc.)
  • Create detailed test reports for the testing process to better control and better collaboration between teams.


LambdaTest is an online cloud-based cross-browser testing tool that permits users to conduct cross-browser testing of web applications using more than 2000 operating systems, browsers, and devices. It is possible to perform manual and automatic cross-browser testing with LambdaTest.

It’s a flexible testing platform that can assist your team by making your software assessment requirements onto the cloud platform.

With real-time cross-browser testing of compatibility using LambdaTest, it is possible to ensure that your application or website works with virtually every device and browser on the market. It lets organizations test their website’s responsiveness and take detailed screenshots during the test.


  • Online Tests of Compatibility for Browsers
  • Test Responsiveness across every screen Size
  • Continuous Collaboration during Testing
  • Testing with the latest Desktop Browsers


BrowserStack is an Indian cloud-based mobile and web testing platform that allows developers to test their mobile and web applications on-demand across operating systems, browsers, and accurate mobile devices.

BrowserStack allows developers to have instant access to a cloud-based platform that lets them thoroughly test their mobile and web applications on more than 2,500 real devices and browsers. It eliminates the requirement for teams to manage their testing infrastructure.


  • Integrate with BrowserStack by using Espresso, Appium, XCUITest, and EarlGrey.
  • Make your tests more efficient by running tests simultaneously across many devices.
  • Instant access to a wide variety of Real iOS and Android devices for more precise App test results.
  • Test your app in internal development and staging environments or behind firewalls with no configuration or setup.
  • Test your apps immediately with videos, text logs, and screenshots of the test executed.


If you’re beginning to learn mobile automation for testing, it is possible to start training with one of the applications. With a bit of guidance and knowledge, you’ll soon be able to master the creation of scripts and test execution.

Suppose you’re willing to test your mobile app aspects into your own hands. In that case, we recommend using one of the above tools for testing performance on mobile devices to achieve the highest quality results and improve the performance of your application for better response.

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