6 Best Android Apps To Identify Plants By Photos

The act of taking care of plants can be easier when we use apps dedicated to botany. With versions for Android and iPhone, these tools allow you to discover the types of plants that people have at home or those we find when walking down the street. Do you like the possibility? Then come with us to find out how to identify plants by the photo on your mobile phone.

Thinking of helping our readers, we have prepared a list with 6 options of best plant identification applications for plant lovers. They are available for free on smartphones and use photos to show information about any plant found by users. Let’s go to the list.

1. iNaturalist

iNaturalist Plant Identification App

This tool is a complete alternative for plant lovers. Counting on an active community with over 400,000 scientists, iNaturalist allows you to discover the name of the species and stores in the user’s profile all the discovery activities carried out throughout the use.

With versions for Android and iPhone, this tool creates a collaborative database where users’ discoveries are used by other members of the community. The main concept of the app is to enable ordinary people to help scientists catalogue specific plants in a region and even new species that may be discovered.

You can download this app here.

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2. Seek

Seek Plant Identification App

Seek offers tools for users to identify plants and animals using their mobile phone cameras. After the user submits a photo, the system presents information about the species, its main characteristics and any curiosity added to the history of that plant or animal.

The platform features a system of virtual rewards to encourage users to use the app more. Throughout their experience on the platform, people receive badges when cataloguing a new species in their profile and can participate in challenges launched for the Seek community.

The app is even suitable for children, as there is no need to register and no data is collected from users. Developed by scientists from the California Academy of Sciences and the National Geographic Society, the app is distributed for free on iPhone and Android.

You can download this app here.

3. LeafSnap Plant Identification

LeafSnap Plant Identification

This app promises to be one of the best options on this list. According to the developers, it is able to identify up to 90% of species accurately. Its database has information about the flora present in regions all over the world. In this way, it uses the photos taken by the user to relate them to the information on the platform, thus providing information about plants and trees.

The user can recognise not only plants but also fruits, flowers and trees that he or she sees on the street. Using the platform’s artificial intelligence, it is possible to know categories that are saved in the database and keep your findings saved in your profile. LeafSnap Plant Identification is available on iPhone and Android devices.

You can download this app here.

4. PlantNet

PlantNet Plant Identification app

This is an app designed for users to find information on non-ornamental plants. It has a comprehensive database that allows users to find data about the plants they photograph with their mobile phones. The system relies on an algorithm that analyses the image and makes a comparison with the information contained in the database to bring out specific details about different species found by users.

PlantNet can better identify photos of plants that do not have many background details. Therefore, the app is suitable for people who do not find the species in dense forests. It is free to download and has versions for Android and iPhone devices.

You can download this app here.

5. NatureID

NatureID Plant Identification app

This is a tool for nature adventurers. Like the other options on the list, NatureID has a photo identification system that can identify the name of the species and present detailed information about what it needs to survive. This way, users can receive tips on how to care for the plants in their garden or in nature.

The tool has an option to create alerts where users can set alarms to remind them to water their plants. In addition, it has a disease identifier that presents possible treatments to reduce the impact of the problem on the foliage. The app has versions for Android and iPhone.

You can download this app here.

6. Flora Incognita

Flora Incognita Plant Identification app

Flora Incognita brings detailed information about each species that it can identify using photos of the user. It presents important information such as plant toxicity, locations where it is found in the world and protection information that can help the species.

With a database of over 10,000 images and 4,800 catalogued species, the app’s database only features plants found in Central America. This feature, however, can help people looking for an excellent app option on trips to that region or when they find a species native to countries like Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

Flora Incognita also makes it possible to create lists on the mobile phone that can be exported to other services or to computers. Therefore, users’ discoveries can be saved as a backup or presented to other people. The system also uses the mobile phone’s location to suggest which plants can be found in the area. The app has versions for Android and iOS devices.

You can download this app here.

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