The Best Android Apps To Track Concerts In Town [2018]

Beyoncé and Jay-Z have just announced they’re coming to your city for the first time ever. Well, they announced it yesterday afternoon and you only got home last night, at which point you fell promptly off to sleep. Now, this morning you’ve heard the news for the first time. Of course, tickets are all gone now. They sold out so quickly that your sleepy self-had no chance to get your hands on it. That would have been the case even if you could access the ticketing site. Many of these sites don’t use CDN hosting USA and they rely on one server to function. With all the traffic, these sites go down in moments leaving so many die-hard fans heart-broken.

You would not want this to happen to you the next time your favorite artist visits your city, do you? What can be done so that you get to know about the tour? Basically, you need to be in the right place at the right time or at least you need the information as soon as it becomes available. Now how would you get the right information at the right time? Well, we live in a very advanced era and nothing is impossible in today’s world of technology! When you have VR (virtual reality) and AR (augmented reality) ruling the scene, can’t you get information about the real world? Yes, you can! Your problem can be solved with a tap of a button! Turn to your smartphone and let it drive away all your worries.

You would be glad to know that there are some excellent Android apps which track artists and bands and notify you immediately when their tour dates are announced in your town. That is a huge advantage for every music lover out there! If you love going to music concerts and live shows and are dying to stay updated with all the latest information in this regard, you have landed at the right place!

The Best Concert-Finding Android Apps

The Best Concert-Finding Android Apps

Here are some of the best Android Apps for you that will inform you when there is a live music show in town as soon as the announcement is made.


Bandsintown is probably the most comprehensive of them all. No matter where in the world you are, whether in New York or Nepal, Johannesburg or Jakarta, Bandsintown is an app that keeps track of concerts in the location where you live. It is currently the maximum downloaded and the highest rated music concert discovery app on Android phones!

The app also connects to all your music streaming services, your Facebook account, your Google account, and just about everything else that has info on which bands you like. It allows you to select the types of bands you want to be notified about. You can choose to hear about every concert that is going to happen in your city or just the ones that correlate with your preferences.

And, if you live in more than one location, you need not worry as this app will provide you with the info based on wherever you are or are going to be. What’s more is that this app will scan your music library to find out the artists you like the most and will send you concert notifications whenever they come to your city! Isn’t that simply great? The app also suggests artists that are similar to the ones you like so that you get to discover new music bands and new artists. You can buy tickets for the music concert from the ticket sites in the app. It makes your job tremendously easy!


Spotify is the king of streaming services, for a number of reasons. While other services may give you access to as many artists and songs, none have the complexity of Spotify’s algorithms for recommendations and playlists. This app truly rules!

And this is good news if you’re a lover of live music. Spotify has info on the concerts of any bands you love or are soon to fall in love with.

Spotify has some limitations, it is not as useful in keeping you informed as Bandsintown is. But that is because Bandsintown is designed specifically for this purpose. However, Spotify at least doesn’t depend on external sources to know what music you like. So, there are both pros and cons!

Songkick Concerts

Songkick Concerts is another app that never lets you miss a live show. It notifies you when your favorite band or artist announces the dates of his tour in your city and helps you in purchasing the ticket for the concert. This way you will never miss out on your favorite artist’s live shows.
It just takes one tap to track artists and connect with other services like Google Play Music, Spotify and Facebook. This app lets you take a look at the ticket options and the prices making things immensely easy for all the music fanatics! You can even connect with your friends through this app and make plans for the concert.

It’s incredibly disappointing to miss your favorite band when they come to your city. This is especially true if you live in a place that doesn’t attract that many bands throughout the year. You obviously would want to find out that your favorite band is in town before it’s too late! Ticketing websites should use services like HostiServer.com to ensure they don’t go down under the weight of the extra traffic.

It is immensely annoying to log onto a site and then find out that their server is down! However, you can’t rely on simply being in the right place at the right time. Make use of the apps mentioned here. They will help you keep a track of the concerts coming to town. And also help you get the tickets without having to pay extra to scalpers.

Come on and download the apps of your choice from Google Play Store and wait for your phone to buzz when your favorite artist is in town. It is good to stay updated!

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