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Best Android TV and Android TV Box You Should Consider to Buy – Complete Guide

An Android TV is a smart TV by Google built with the Android operating system. It allows users to stream content on the TV via inbuilt and downloadable apps and using your internet connection.
Reading this article, you will learn about the best Android TV and the best Android TV Box. Buying one or the other depends on your personal budget: smart TVs, no matter what operating system they run, are quite expensive.
Android TV boxes are a lot cheaper, sometimes below $100, and they turn your regular TV into a smart device to see your favorite content from your favorite applications for a small investment so far.


Functions and features

Android TV ships with the Google Assistant system. You will only need to say “Ok Google” clear and loud, or press the mic button on your remote, and ask Google to find for you the latest action flick, the best-rated series, the newest Hollywood drama or even to dim the TV lights.
Google Assistant allows you to control every feature of the smart TV by voice and also helps you with recommendations coming straight from Google’s top- notch search engine.
What Google Assistant can do for you is the following:
• Plan your days
• Play content
• Discover content
• Get answers
• Control other home devices
• Search and download apps
• Price compare different apps
Depending on what you watch and on what kind of content you spend the most time, Android TV will tailor the home page for you as it will display your favorite things front and center so far.
So, if you’re looking to binge watch a new series or continue where you left, you will always find it on your homepage.
Android TVs come with a built-in Chromecast device (Google Cast), which will allow you to project photos, videos, and music from your phone, laptop or tablet to the smart TV.
The apps you love


The best Android TV 2018If your budget can afford it so far, rather than buying an Android Box, you can choose to buy a brand-new Smart TV which will give you better resolution, better quality, and an overall better experience.
Commonly, Sony smart TVs run on Android OS, while LG, its main competitor, runs on Web OS. Other big players are Roku TV, Apple TV, and My Home Screen.

Here’s a list of our top Android TVs:

1) Sony 65-inch A1 BRAVIA OLED

sony android tv
Android and Sony worked together to make you experience the ease and the smoothness of a high-end mobile device on a bigger, better screen.
The BRAVIA A1 combines a sleek design with innovative engineering to turn it into the all-around best TV to support Android TV. However, it is inevitably expensive. Picture and sound quality is breathtaking. The screen is a Triluminos wide color display with a 4K Reality Pro picture processor to enhance image detail. The gorgeous video quality is all about Sony’s new image engine, the HDR X1 Extreme, which remasters regular images to make everything look like HDR quality. It looks great, sounds great, and works great. It doesn’t have a soundbar, instead, it has a couple of sonic actuators on the rear of the panel that vibrates to create stereo sound. To rack it up so far, the bass borns from an 8cm subwoofer on the TV’s stand.

The Android smart TV has built-in Chromecast to make it easy for you to cast your videos, photos, and music from other compatible devices. BRAVIA, by default, has YouTube and Netflix already installed, both in 4K.
$2689 on Amazon. Rated four and a half stars–> Click Here

There are other models of the BRAVIA coming with Android TV for cheaper prices. The lower prices will get you lower screen resolutions, smaller screens, and less audio quality. However, the BRAVIA line is the overall best series of Android smart TVs available in the market.

2) Sharp AQUOS

sharp android tv
A 55-inch 4K smart TV shipping with Android TV. It has a 60Hz refresh rate, a LED screen, 2 USB inputs, 4 HDMI 2.0 connections and a very elegant design. It also ships with a 60-day guarantee.
With its AQUOS 4K Ultra HD UB30 technology comes various features that enhance picture and audio quality and give you a superb experience. One of its top-notch technologies is the ability to always give you 4K UHD quality, no matter what the original source is.

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The TV is equipped with SmartCentral, a feature that enables consumers to browse cable and satellite content from a single screen. SmartCentral even offers live streaming and personalized recommendations.
$1000 on Amazon. Rated four and a half stars –> Click Here

3) Sony X900E

The Sony X900E smart TV is by far the best budget smart TV, and it still ships with 4K resolution. The device is packed with a lot of features to make it easier to run the Android 7.0 OS. Its screen can either be 49’’, 65’’ or 75’’.
The smart interface is rather simplistic, even slow, but it has a great selection of built-in apps to find your content and play most of your files.
The smart TV has a great picture and sound quality and is great for any kind of rooms: small, big, dark, illuminated,…However, picture quality may not be as good when you watch it from an angle.
Currently unavailable on Amazon

4) Sony 65-inch XBR-X900F

Sony XBR65X900F
Another Sony example of a pretty great smart TV with loved Android features.
It has a top-quality LCD display, superb audio and a beautiful design. What you will love the most about this model is that it has an optimized version of the operating system that offers an even better interface, a bigger number of in-built apps and its Google Chromecast supports Amazon Alexa and Google Home integration.
It also packs 4 HDMI ports, which will make your life easier.
1500$ on Amazon (65’’). Rated four stars –> Click Here



While Android TV has its flaws and while there are other competitors (Roku TV, Hisense, Tizen, Web OS, Apple TV, …), Google’s operating system for smart TVs is already familiar to you: everyone has seen an Android device and everyone has enjoyed Google’s countless cloud apps and services like Gmail, Keep, Calendar, Photos, or Drive.
Android smart TVs are surely expensive but, for its buck, they offer the best audio and video quality available on the market. For Android TVs, you should check Sony’s different models, as well as the AQUOS brand.
For an investment of $1000 or so, you can get a budget smart TV. Otherwise, you can buy an Android TV box for about $100 to $200.

The NVIDIA SHIELD is a perfect device for gamer-enthusiasts and people who already know the power of NVIDIA GeForce GTX graphic cards.


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