Best Gmail Extensions and Apps To Simplify Email Management

Gmail add-ons have become a popular way to extend the capabilities of Gmail. The right Gmail plugins can save you hours of extra work. With their help, you can easily turn your mailbox into a multifunctional service.

1. Trello.

It helps you not to get lost in the stream of work activities and personal tasks. All the necessary information must be recorded on cards. You can open access to cards for other project participants, rearrange them from place to place, and assign labels.

The Gmail extension lets you turn messages in your inbox into new task cards. With the plugin, you can manage cards directly from the mail account. Without leaving Gmail, you can see which to-do’s are on the pending list and track their progress.

2. Clean Email.

It is a good email management app for Gmail users who want to have a clean email inbox. With this app, you can organize incoming messages and send them to necessary folders automatically. Besides, it has an unsubscriber feature that allows you to opt out from all subscriptions you no longer need.

3. WiseStamp.

With this extension, you can easily create a business card that will stand instead of the signature at the end of the letter. Choose the blocks you want and combine them with each other to achieve uniqueness. The plugin allows you to add a name, phone number, fragments of profiles in social networks, website address, photo or logo.

4. Mailtrack.

Collect statistics on sent emails directly in Gmail. The Gmail extension will show you when, how many times and from which device your email was opened. You can decide for yourself which emails to track and which not. The information appears in the sent mail folder, so the user does not have to open every new message.

5. Gmass.

This free bulk email verification service allows you to quickly check your mailing list and identify if it includes invalid addresses or spam traps. This is crucial for having a low bounce rate and making your marketing campaign successful.

6. Boomerang.

The plugin will be useful for those who need a timer for sending emails. For example, for those who correspond with clients and partners living in other time zones. By installing it, you can choose the desired day and time when your letter should go to the addressee. If some of the sent messages remain unanswered, Boomerang will remind you of them. The extension works on any browser.

7. Checker Plus.

Another good way to improve your work efficiency is not to go to the mail service again. This is especially true for those who are often distracted by new letters. With this Gmail extension, you can manage your incoming messages externally. Without going into the mail, you can read the letter, delete it, send it to spam, or archive it.

8. Discoverly.

It happens that when we receive a letter from a client or a new business partner, we are trying to find out more about it. And the easiest way to do this is to view your social media accounts. Discoverly makes it easy by showing accounts that are associated with each email address. With it, you can see the pages of the interlocutor on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other social networks.

Most plugins are free to use, so it might be tempting to try them all. However, it is not recommended to install all of the proposed Gmail extensions at the same time, as a large number of plugins will slow down your browser. Choose what you need and see if you like to work with them.

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