How to Enter Recovery Mode on Lg G4

Recovery Mode is very important in context of customizing Android devices in proper way and to beyond its limits. There many reasons why Recovery mode is important and most of us are already aware about us. Here we have this tutorial for LG G4 users, we have shown how we can enter recovery mode on LG G4 through several ways, that mean you can enter recovery mode through different ways.

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Why Recovery mode on Lg G4?

Well as we said above, there are more lot of reasons to know about recovery mode of any android device, it helps to get access to device to deeper extent, using recovery mode we do many things such as,

  • We can install third-party Roms (know as custom Roms), they are much better than stock and offers improved performance, stability and improves usability of the device. Using mods, one can significantly improves the usability of device, such as sound, responsiveness and much more.
  • Useful to reset the device to its factory settings. In case you are facing problems with your phone, tablet or any Android device, such as unnecessary lags, crashes, reboots, etc., you can reset your handset using tools given under recovery mode, Wipe out, clear cache etc.
  • Backup! Most importantly you can back up your entire Rom using this mode, however you need a custom recovery to do that.
  • Well that’s not all about, instead there is lot more!

How to Enter Recovery Mode on Lg G4

Now lets focused to our tutorial, here are following methods through we can enter recovery mode on this powerful handset.

Method 1: Key Combinations

Just using key combination we can easily boot into recovery mode.

  1. Turn off the device and wait 3 -5 seconds, so it can turned off completely.
  2. Then, press and hold Power and Volume Down buttons together until LG’s logo get appeared on-screen.
  3. Then release the buttons and immediately press and hold Power and Volume Down keys again.
  4. Now Recovery menu should appear on-screen.
  5. Use Volume up and down buttons to navigate and power button to select.

That’s all you have to do! Let’s move to second method, it requires root access.

Method 2: Dedicated App

There are several apps to enter into recovery mode with just one click, however they need root access to do that work. If you have a rooted device, then this method is cool! Just a single click to reboot into recovery mode of Lg G4.
We recommend touseQuickBoot app, very easy to use and free to download. Download this app from Google play store, install it and use it as per your convenience.

Method 3: Using ADB commands

This method is very useful in case you’re unable to use hardware buttons, do not have root access etc,. Sometime it happens that hardware buttons do not perform their functionality and key combination does not work, here this method comes. However it is little tricky, you need to install your device drivers (here) and install Fastboot (here). Follow the below steps:
  1. Extract the Fastboot zip file to your PC.
  2. Now connect your phone to PC using USB cable.
  3. Now from Fastboot zip folder, run “Run Me.bat” file
  4. On the cmd window type following:

adb reboot recovery

Then your phone will be rebooted to recovery mode automatically.

So that all about recovery mode on Lg G4 and how to get entered into it. If you face any problem, let us know and we’ll help you.

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