Exceptional Durability and Quality: 5 Latest Casio G-Shock Watches You Should Buy

Casio is perhaps the most well-known Japanese watch brand in the world. It is remarkable and renowned for its high-caliber, durable, and attractive quartz sports watches at affordable prices. Without any further, here are some of the latest Casio watches from the G-Shock series in the market right now.

The Casio G-Shock MRG-7700B-1BJF Black Dial Tough Solar Radio Men’s Watch

One of the must-have Casio watches from the G-Shock series today is the MRG-7700B-1BJF Tough Solar Radio Men’s Watch. It incorporates unique and satisfying functionalities as it comes with an analog and digital display. The grey dial has a pair of luminous skeleton hands. This timepiece also features four buttons with specific operability like digit lighting and time adjusting.

This Casio G-Shock watch also boasts a durable and reliable titanium casing with excellent shock and water resistance for extreme weather conditions. Its beauty and functionality are the reason why men are obsessed with it. This timepiece can be ordered online for $1,649 on Watchshopping.

The Casio G-Shock GW-9400J-1JF Digital Dial Rangeman Multi-Band Men’s Watch

The Casio GW-9400J-1JF from the G-Shock collection is the cheapest watch model on the list, costing $399 on Watchshopping, yet one of the most sophisticated ones in the market today in terms of design. It incorporates a bold black resin casing and bracelet with a matching digital dial protected by a scratch-resistant mineral crystal. With this timepiece’s 200 meters of water resistance, it is also suitable for scuba diving.

This Casio G-Shock men’s timepiece equips the brand’s Caliber 3410 with accurate quartz-type movements fitted in a 53 mm casing made from resin material. Plus, it incorporates a digital dial protected by a scratch-resistant mineral. Another satisfying feature of this watch is its four-button functions for useful operations like manually changing the time and turning on the dial’s light. 

The Casio G-Shock GST-B100X-1AJF Black Dial World Time Men’s Watch

One of the most attractive watch models on the list is the Casio GST-B100X-1AJF, also from the G-Shock series. It features a carbon bezel attached in a resin casing and bracelet with a measurement of 52.5 mm in diameter. Besides shock resistance, this timepiece also comes with scratch resistance on the face as it is covered with a reliable mineral.

This Casio G-Shock GMT timepiece equips the quartz-type Caliber 5445 with an excellent power reserve and 200 water-resistant meters. On the other hand, the dial comes with luminous steel hands, a power reserve indicator, three additional sub-dials, and a unique date display. Another reason why sports watch enthusiasts love the GST-B100X-1AJF is its affordable price of $749 on Watchshopping.

The Casio G-Shock MTG-B1000D-1AJF Grey Dial Men’s Watch

Another eye-catching timepiece on the list is the Casio G-Shock MTG-B1000D. It comes with some valuable features like equipping a LED light with a super illuminator and afterglow function. Plus, it runs a Tough Solar caliber with solar charging system functionality and power-saving feature. Besides that, this watch also equips an alarm system that all men desire. It costs $929 on Watchshopping.

This men’s watch is remarkable in terms of inside features and functionalities. However, its excellence does not end there as it incorporates stunning aesthetics, coming with a casing and bracelet made from white resin material. The case is reliable for shock, vibration, and water resistance. The grey dial displays a unique date window, four additional sub-dials, and luminous silver-tone hands.

The Casio G-Shock GW-A1100FC-1AJF Black Dial Sky Cockpit Men’s Watch

Finally, one of the most wanted and desired Casio G-Shock timepieces in the market today is the GW-A1100FC-1AJF. It incorporates a black dial with sky blue touches, attractive and unique luminous silver-tone hands, two additional sub-dials, and a date display, all protected by a scratch-resistant mineral. The stunning dial is placed in a durable and shock-proof resin casing and bracelet. It is worth $699 on Watchshopping.

Besides the eye-catching design and incredible durability, this Casio G-Shock men’s watch also equips a trustworthy quartz-type caliber with accurate and precise-driven movements. Plus, it is most recommended for scuba diving as it comes with a water-resistant feature that comfortably works up to a depth of 20 bars or 200 meters. The mix of black and blue in aesthetics and the combination of shock and water resistance are what all men love the most.


All men deserve to wear a timepiece with shock and water resistance reliable for extreme weather conditions. This list will help you find the best Casio G-Shock watch that suits your taste and budget, all available on Watchshopping.

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