Has the Pandemic Changed Gaming Habits?

In the spring of 2020, COVID-19 regulations meant that workplaces, schools, restaurants, stores, and other communal gathering spaces were temporarily closed to the public, which also meant that social opportunities were suddenly very few and far between. So, it’s no surprise that as people began to find more ways to connect with others virtually, interest in video games began to boom. Online gaming became an ideal way to pass time during lockdown, providing both entertainment and social connection for gamers. But has the pandemic changed our gaming habits?

Gaming as Entertainment at Home

During the COVID-19 pandemic, more and more people began to explore gaming as a way to entertain themselves at home. With no opportunities to go out, meet friends, visit restaurants or bars or go to the cinema, online gaming became a top way to pass the time, socialize with friends, and even make new friends online. From playing casino games at to buying new gaming consoles online, people who may not have seen themselves as a gamer pre-COVID found a new hobby.  

Rise of Online Multiplayer

Online multiplayer games became even bigger during the pandemic, giving groups of friends a chance to chill out together virtually, socialize and enjoy an activity that they could do together even from miles apart. Games like Among Us became huge during the pandemic, giving families and friends who were forced to stay apart during the lockdown a chance to connect, wind down, and chat while having fun together without the need to leave their couch.

More Parents Gaming

During the pandemic, kids were out of school and parents were working from home, giving families a chance to spend more time together than ever before. With family members no longer going outside of the home as much to their regular activities, gaming became a great way to pass the time and have fun together while staying at home, with parents reporting that since the COVID-19 pandemic, they understand their child’s gaming worlds a little bit better and are more likely to get involved and play together.

Increased Game Streaming

Playing games themselves was not the only form of gaming entertainment available to those stuck at home during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many gamers saw this opportunity to spend more time building a gaming stream channel on platforms like Twitch while in lockdown, and more people became interested in watching Twitch streams and getting involved with the social aspect of things during their newfound free time.

More Active Games

With gyms closed and the weather not always the best for going for a run or a cycle in the park, many people also looked into the option of using video games to stay fit and active while staying at home during the COVID-19 lockdowns. Active games that get you up out of your seat playing a virtual sport or dancing became a fun way to spend time with family and reduce the risk of a sedentary lifestyle while staying at home.

Have your gaming habits changed since the COVID-19 pandemic?

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