HDR: Emanation of new technology in TVs!

HDR Technology coming in TVsIts great!!Right? The most popular brands like Samsung, Panasonic, LG and Sony are adopting HDR(High Dynamic Range) technology for their next gen Tv sets and its getting very popular these days. But first, I would like you all to know about what is actually HDR imaging.

HDR technology basically depends upon below mentioned factors:

1) Contrast Ratio: It is the luminance of Brightest color to Darkest color i.e. from white to Black, and between these two colors, there’s a huge array of millions of colors. The more colors you can see in your video, the better is the contrast ratio.

2) Color Accuracy: It is basically how your image resembles real world object.

Now, with this new HDR technology, the picture will look more natural.

What HDR basically does is making brighter parts of the picture more brighter and darker part more dark, which will reflect a more clear picture to us as viewer.

This enhances the colors and provide a boost to the sheer richness of colors.

However, we are not just talking about blacks and whites, but a larger luminance range in between. But this awesome feature is also its drawback as higher contrast ratio can cause you to even wince while watching.

Right now, its pretty much the earlier stage of this technology, but TV brands are working impressively to make this work.

Samsung says its 2016 family of SUHD-branded TVs will be HDR capable and Sony has also announced 3 HDR-capable TVs .

Coming up with this latest technology might result in some problems as each TV brand uses display technology of their own. It means that you wont have too much to watch as most percentage of TV programs are not compatible with HDR yet.

However, no need to worry as Amazon already started streaming a limited amount of shows in HDR via its Instant Video service in 2015, and Netflix has signaled it will also do so later this year!!

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