How can a spy app on android control a phone?

Smartphones are one of the most widely used technological devices today. You can even play online casinos like Avalon 78 on your smartphone!  Practical on a daily basis and useful even for work, we can no longer do without them. Did you know that it is quite possible to spy on a Smartphone using a free Android spy app? No matter what circumstance prompts you to spy on another phone, here you can find out which is the best software to use and what its features are.

Why decide to spy on an Android Smartphone?

An android spy app or spy software is a tool designed to spy on a phone without the knowledge of its owner. This is used to extract useful information about the latter, information that can compromise him. However, the intention of the spy is not always bad.

This type of free android spy application is for example an excellent ally for children who use phones. It’s a great way to monitor them, know their exact location or get ideas about what they’re doing on their social media accounts.

An android spy app even gives information about the people the children hang out with outside of school. Free android spy application software allows to:

  • follow the discussions that the child has with other people
  • read the text messages they exchange with their friends or acquaintances
  • follow their posts in social networks or the people who speak privately with them.
  • know the other applications that are installed on their smartphone.
  • In addition, this kind of android spy application also allows you to block certain tools or applications, sites and even contacts that can harm the safety of your children.

Some software offers a GPS feature that can locate the owner of the phone. In the event of a kidnapping, this makes it possible, for example, to quickly find the exact location where it is.

A free android spy app is also a must-have tool for a couple. In case you doubt the fidelity of your partner, it may be interesting to use such software.

The interest of such an action probably lies in the fact that thanks to this tool, it is possible to record the conversations, emails and messages exchanged so that they can constitute evidence later.

Finally, an android spy application can also be used in the context of a company.

A business leader or manager might want to spy on a collaborator via his smartphone so that he knows his intention.

Anyway, whatever you plan to do, it is very important to know the position of the law towards the use of a free android spy app.

What the French law says about spying and controlling telephones

Before spying on a smartphone via any online tool, you should know that this kind of act is totally prohibited by law in the event that it is done without the knowledge of the owner of the phone.

French law is very firm on this and considers an act of espionage as a violation of the secrecy of correspondence.

The person who spies secretly is liable to one year in prison and a fine of 45,000 euros.

If you want to get started, even with your children, think about getting their agreement.

Moreover, if you do it without their knowledge, you risk losing their trust if they find out and the relationship you will have with them will be very complicated.

Hoverwatch, a free android spy app

Are you looking for an android spy app?

Hoverwatch is one of the best. Designed by the firm Refog Inc in 2002, this app was developed to make life easier for parents in terms of monitoring their children, but also for companies wishing to geolocate their employees.

The first version of Hoverwatch was released in 2002. A few years later, updates were made, new features were incorporated into the application. Many are the benefits you can get from Hoverwatch.

Already, the app is compatible with various mobile devices such as smartphones, but also tablets. Besides, using this free android spy app is easy.

Online registration makes it easy for you. After creating an account, just download Hoverwatch, install it, and then use it directly.

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