InsTube for Android is a Perfect YouTube Downloader App

Although we already hold tons of applications that help to load media content ‘on-the-go‘, but still we might not stop looking for alternates. And reasons could be anything. Like, one might not satisfy with the functionality, velocity or it just a looks/design. When it comes to downloading music/video contents, it becomes specifically important to choose the appropriate application for that. The InsTube for Android is well-developed app that helps to grab media content/music content from different sources. In this review, we gonna discuss this application thoroughly, and how effective it comes when downloading Music and Video from different sources.

The InsTube app lets you download the audio, and video contents from multiple resources. That, specifically make this application unique, and more useful. That includes YouTube, Facebook, Daillymotion, Vine, etc., Not just it does that work, it also lets you select the output format. Means, you can simply download the video in audio format. Moreover, it does support multiple media formats. Apart from these capabilities, the InsTube has more functionalities that we are going to discuss within this article.

InsTube for Android Features:

Most of the time, such applications have limited functionalities. They revolve around their core-job, i.e. to download media from the resource. Whereas, we find InsTube extends those limits, and it goes beyond its core-job. It is fast, supports multiple output formats, comes with privacy option, and few more useful options.

Ease of use

The most appreciable thing about this application is usability. The InsTube offers you a simple to use user-interface, that helps to download music free from different resource.

It comes with inbuilt internet-browser through which, one can directly login into the source website (like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc.,), and snap the videos, and audio content directly. You don’t need to open these websites/apps individually. With the inbuilt browser, everything turns into your side.

instube url bar

As soon as you open the InsTube app, you get to see page almost similar to an internet browser. At the very top of it, you get a URL bar, where you put websites links, or direct like to media (which is likely to be downloaded).

Below, they’re pre-loaded bookmarks of popular sites. And you can add even more, you ever thought to download content from those. Once you get logged-in into one of your account, like Facebook, YouTube, or Vine, you’ll able to download video/audio directly.

Inbuilt Multimedia manager

To manage your downloads, and existing media, it comes with built-in manager. It looks simple, lets you play the music, and videos within the application. You preview the downloaded, and existing media content.

Well, this feature is limited. One, can just preview, and share the existing, and downloaded media. Perhaps, that won’t matter much. It helps you play videos, audio, and preview stored images. Nevertheless, it could be improved for a better user experience.

Multiple Output Formats

This aspect becomes very important when we download, and keep the media content on our devices. Whether you’re up to download videos from YouTube, or audio file from SoundCloud, you can select the output format. Currently it supports MP3, MP4, 3GP and M4A formats. These formats work well with a vast variety of the devices.

The procedure is very simple as we count 1, 2,3. One needs to select the output format while downloading the content from other websites.

Secure your Download

There is a very useful feature that helps to keep downloaded videos, and there downloaded content completely secure by putting a security protection over them. What if you want to keep your downloaded videos hidden, or completely private (of course, when we download mature content), this feature helps a lot.

instube private video

Particularly, there is spaced call Private. You put the password over it, and it asks the same when it is being accessed.

To put the videos/music into the Private space, you just need to tap on the Video, the select the Hide option as mentioned in the above image. And then, that video will fall into the Private folder automatically, and no will be able to access it until you provide the correct password.

Multiple Downloads at Once

Another feature that we liked about this app. Based on the internet access, one can set the extent of downloads. We can set downloads limits up to 10, that means, simultaneously 10 videos/ other content can be downloaded.

instube download

This option comes handy to manage internet speed, and usage.

How does it work?

The Instube app does the work very quickly, and in a simple manner. One needs to open the Video URL or log-in to the repository-website. Then, once you start the streaming that video, or audio, the Download button will appear as below:


The above image shows the exact process in a sequential way. One needs to input the URL or logged into resource website, and head to the video/audio, that has been downloaded.

Over that page, a Flash icon in red color will appear at the right-bottom of the screen. Then, just need to tap over it, and then you’ll have several options: different formats, and file size.

Select the appropriate one, or more, and tap on Fast Download button to start the download. Once the download is started, you can see the progress under files section, and also, same gets displayed over the notification panel.

We felt this process very smooth.

What we didn’t like:

Over, the application is pretty helpful when it comes download the media content from different sources, but there is something that we feel little annoying. While we use the application, navigating from one option to another, it displays advertisement.

Though the application is completely free to use, and there is no limitation. We expect ads, as this would be the medium to support the developers, and distributors of this application.

There is one more to discuss. While were downloading videos from YouTube, sometimes it displayed error: Unable to resolve URL, or something similar. After giving one, or more try, it gets fixed.

Final verdict

Since, the Instube works very-well when it comes to grab media from YouTube, Facebook, and other resource. Additionally, it offers more option along its core job. It comes with built-in browsers, supports different sources, downloads can be saved in different formats, sizes, and one can keep’em secure too. Overall, we liked this application very well.

If you are not only use Android, but also Mac user and need the best Youtube downloader app, we recommend to try Mac app Airy. You will not regret.

Having this application makes easier to grab content from different sources since it allows to open those websites within it. It works good as music downloader app, since you can save video files in audio formats. We liked this application very much, and we consider it worth a try.

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