Opera Mini updated for Android with Video Boost feature and more!

video boost on Opera Mini Android Opera Mini is one of the most widely used Browser on Android devices and has been seen on multiple other platforms as well like iOS, windows etc. This application has recently been updated for the best and packed with a whole set of helpful features.

Updated Features of Opera Mini

Video Boost

The name implies it all. Video Boost basically decreases the buffering time (that pretty cool) which results in faster loading of videos. It facilitates the task of playing back videos within the mini v15 browser on your mobile device. Opera mini is now available with less video buffering time which reduces the data usage by your phone.

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According to Opera, this amazing feature reduces the size of video which results in lesser buffering time consumption. You can also keep track for your already optimized videos with this feature.

How to turn on Video Boost on your Android Smartphone

If you want to indulge yourself in hassle-free video loading experience then you must ensure to activate this feature on your android device. To ensure that this feature is activated on your device, you can check it under Data Saving Mode, just under the wifi data saving you will find an option, ‘Video Boost’. To change your phone’s settings to high-saving mode, you just need to tap the “O” in the menu and tick the box beside Video Boost.

As Opera uses its Rocket optimizer technology to compress the videos up to 60% of Video data which results in Faster loading, that supports the task of saving your data on wifi connection as opposed to just data connection. This is more useful, if you have slow internet connection.


“In India alone, 70 percent of smartphone users stream video on their phones. Unfortunately, this eats up data plans quickly, and stalled videos waste time and create frustration. Opera Mini for Android comes to the rescue with video boost. It works to make the video sizes smaller serving up slimmer mobile videos and keeping data plans in check. If you love to watch videos on your Android device, but hate getting surprises on your data bill, it’s time to switch browsers,” said Sunil Kamath, Vice President – South Asia & South East Asia at Opera.

Save to SD card and other features

Other than Video Boost feature, Opera mini has some other exciting features. This new update also has ‘Save to SD card feature’, however, its only available for Android KitKat 4.4 and up. Using this feature, you can now re-size the images and browser icons before uploading them to the web with three different sizes available. You can also access your SD-Card files before uploading it onto the web.

The latest update has an improved scrolling and triggering handle which helps you to swipe through longer webpages. Finally, it has also introduced automatic status bar color changes to match the environment for Lollipop and Marshmallow.

If you find it interesting enough, then you take a spin and try it out. You can download it from Google Play Store on your device.

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