PhotoMath – an Android App that helps to solve Math Problems

Do you ever wonder that there could be a device or program that can help you in solving mathematics problems anywhere and anytime? I remember my school and college days when I had to call my superiors or teachers whenever I find myself stuck with a complex Mathematics expression.

You’d be surprise to know that there is an Android app called PhotoMath, which can help you to do complex mathematics expressions and problems easily.

PhotoMath is a great help for those who are doing their schooling and proceeding with graduation or preparing for particular examinations. You could download this app from Google play store and it is completely to use as well.

Use Android PhotoMath to Solve your Math Problems

PhotoMath An Android AppDetails: PhotoMath is developed and distributed by Microblink. Available for Android and iOS device. For iOS users, please visit here to download this app for iTunes.

Requires:  Android 4.1 and up

Download → Google Play Store

To be more specific about this application, basically it uses your smartphone’s camera to locate and scan the mathematical expression and then it outputs the final answers. You’ll see step-by-step description to see how that question / expression is being solved.

That means, whenever you see your self stuck with complex expression, you’ll only need to open PhotoMath app, hold device’s camera over that math problems and you’ll get the answer within a minute! Isn’t that great?

However as currently it supports basic arithmetic, fractions, decimal numbers, linear equations and several functions like logarithms and more features will be added to it by the item as it gets updated.

It is an ideal app when you have less time to solve such mathematical problems, but you should know that it won’t be solving hand written expressions. It supports only printed problems from Math textbooks and pages.

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