How to recover lost notifications on Android phones

Sometime it happens that we accidentally swipe all the notifications in a single blow and then we get know that few of them were important and unable to see them again. Since the Android operating system has been emerged to our mobile and other gadgets, it has been improving all the time and time-to-time new functionality has added to it. Notification area plays very important role, it helps users to know new updates and alerts in a simpler and easiest manner.

I do swipes accidentally sometimes over notification area to remove notifications and then wonder about them. However even we swipe them all, they still can be accessed again and in this tutorial we help you to recover those lost notifications on your Android device through Android notification history. In fact you’ll be able to access all the notifications those were served to you very easily.

Here’s how you can recover lost notifications on an Android device through Android notifications history. If you are wondering about Android notifications history, basically it is log file where all the deleted notifications get stored. This feature was first appeared on Android 4.3 Jellybean and works with it and upper Android version. For this tutorial purpose, we’ve performed it on Android Lollipop based smartphone.So let’s get started with the tutorial!

How to recover lost notifications on Android Phones

1. Get over to home screen of your device.

2. Now look for empty space and long-tap over there for few seconds and then tap on Widgets.

3. Now swipe left until you get Settings shortcut widget under them.

4. Keep Tap on that widget until home screen appears then, drag that widget to home screen.

5. Under the Settings shortcut menu, scroll down to look for Notification log and tap on it.

6. Then a Notification log shortcut will appear on your home screen.

7. Now just tap on Notification log shortcut and you’ll have access to your all notification history there.

Bingo! That’s all you got to do to recover all such notifications on your Android device.

Video Tutorial

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Isn’t that cool? Of course it is very good to know that these information get stored in our Android device and could be accessed when required.

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This option is quite useful, there are many instances where we need to read notifications again and on an Android, it is quite easy to get’em back. We hope that this post would help you to recover your lost notification on your phone and we’ll surely appreciate your feedback through comments too. Stay connected with us for more useful stuff.

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